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  1. rseckler

    Wild plum wine.

    Great year for wild plums in my area this year.I picked 18 lbs ,made 5 gals. just put in secondary vessel yesterday.Makes a great wine.
  2. rseckler

    Blackberry wine/sweet corn wine

    started blackberry wine. and some sweet corn wine.Blackberry SG 1.100 Sweet Corn SG 1.095.Hope they turn out well.
  3. rseckler

    Wild Plum Wine

    I have started a new batch of wine Wild Plum.Just racked from primary to Secondary.I'll let you know how it turns out.
  4. rseckler

    Wine smells bad?

    wine has a strong smell,but tastes sweet,could this just be a build up of a gas,to much acid? or just a young wine,I opened it today.Grape, and Apple,two different wines but the other 8 types smell fine,and taste sweet,could to much wine condictioner cause this oder?or just young wine.I started...
  5. rseckler

    onion wine

    I am making a sweet onion wine my SG is 1.060 my Ph is 4.6 using a 1122 yeast ,has anyone ever made this type wine before? this is my first onion wine I thought i'd give it a try. do i need to put acid blend in?thanks
  6. rseckler

    just juice wine

    1gal blackberry,pomagranate mix (juice) (No boiling ) 1gal cranberry (juice) 1gal white grape (juice) 3 1/4 lbs sugar 1Pkg KC-1118 yeast 2tsp pectic enzyme 1/4 tsp tannin 1 1/2 tsp yeast nutrients 1tsp Acid Blend 3 campden tablets(crushed) Put juice in primary and sugar,stir until...
  7. rseckler

    Wheat Wine recipe wanted

    Looking for a good Wheat wine recipe.Any help would be great.thanks