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    Keg as a secondary...?

    If I use proper sanitation techniques, can I rack from a primary glass carboy to a corny keg for dry hopping? I'm trying to eliminate a step later when I'll rack from secondary to the keg. I was planning on keeping my hop bag in the o-ring seal, then pull out when I'm ready to carbonate. Has...
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    Pin Lock Socket Substitutes

    Does anyone have any ideas for a substitute if I don't own a pin lock socket? I don't want to order online and continue to wait for shipping. Also, does anyone have an idea for a Haier tower that has a serving line for a bigger tube when I'm using a 3/16" serving line? I have a welding shop...
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    CO2 pressure HELP!!! Noob here...

    My buddy and I recently bought the Haier kegerator, so we could have draft brew at the house. He's not a homebrewer (yet), but he's interested in the process. He recently bought a Lagunitas IPA 7.75 keg and has a 5 lb CO2 tank. Without purging any O2 prior to, he tapped the keg with 12 psi...
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    Wrong Yeast Starter Method

    I'm about to start my boil for a mini-mash witbier, and I thought I'd make a yeast starter. The problem being I think I did it all wrong. I sanitized a 2L flask then boiled 1800 mL of water and poured in .5 lbs of DME with some yeast nutrient. I didn't really "stir" the DME more than I just...
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    Old LME

    I have a 9 lb (sealed) bag of ultralight LME that I bought for a batch that I didn't use from about 2.5 years ago. Is there any reason I could still use it, or should I trash it? Just trying to utilize any ingredients that I have lying around. Have fun watching the Super Bowl!!!!
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    Yeast starters?

    I have just a quick question. I understand the benefits of yeast starters, and I'd like to try one for my next brew. But when do you really not need to do a starter? I pitched a Edinburgh White Labs yeast for 60 Schilling Scottish Ale and I'm seeing good krausen, but are my yeasties working...
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    Cleaning an immersion chiller

    Quick question...I've been out of the game for about two years now. I know, I know, but life happens. I have my immersion chiller still and about to brew this Saturday, and I'm wondering about some rust/acid? that's accumulated on portions of the chiller. If I use PBW and StarSan to clean and...
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    Apricot Wheat FG?

    I'm wondering if I should rack to bottles. My SG was 1.045 (on target), but I don't know where my FG should be. says 1.01 but I've been stuck on 1.08 for more than 5 days.
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    Adding fresh fruit instead of extract flavoring...

    I want to make a Raspberry Irish Red Ale coming up here, and I was wondering how properly to add the fruit. From what I understand I need to boil, freeze, then add to beer after primary fermentation is complete. This is correct, right? Does anybody have suggestions based off their experience?
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    What do I do about extract flavoring...?

    Two days ago I brewed a B3 American Wheat Ale with the hopes of adding some apricot flavoring and extra hops (Hallertau) to try it out. I've tasted Snowshoe Brewing's Apricot Wheat, and I was loosely trying to replicate that. Well, initial fermentation started approx. 22hours after pitching...
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    Can I leave it a little longer...?

    I was wondering it I can leave my Apricot wheat ale in secondary for approx. 3-3.5 weeks. I haven't made it yet, but I will not be home during X-mas and after some future planning efforts, I won't be able to bottle the ale when I'm suppose to. Should I not even brew until I get back? I really...
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    High gravity Hefe

    Hey guys, Saturday I brewed a German Hefe from B3 (last Hefe brew blew up). 6lb DME boiled for 60 min with 0.5 oz Northern Brewer hops in for all 60 min. Boiling at about 180 deg and taking 35 min to get to 76 deg, my OG measured 1.12 honestly. What may be some of the causes for this? How...
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    HELP!!!! How did this happen?

    Well, I made a bad mistake I guess. I brewed a B3 German Hefe, with WLP300 yeast, on Thursday and left out of town on Friday. I just came back to the house and went to see how things were going. (I'm sure most of you know where I'm going with this.) My 7.5 gal plastic fermenter EXPLODED and...
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    Tasting question?

    Can anyone help me with the taste of my brews? Without going into specifics, my latest batch (B3 English IPA) taste a bit too malty for me. I can definitely smell and burp hops, but I think it is too malty still. My other two brews also have this same malty taste. It seems to maybe be...
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    Hefe w/ Apricot flavor?

    I'm new to brewing (4th batch) and taking on my easiest brew. Just a simple German Hefeweizen (Partial-Boil, 5g). I wanted to add apricot flavoring to it during bottling. How do people think about that? I think it will add a nice, citrusy taste to it. My question is can I add some of the...
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    Another bottle santizing question

    When I sanitized my bottles last night using Star-San, I rinsed them for 30 to 60 seconds. As most of you know with Star-San, you get bubbles. In the bottles some bubbles were left over which I didn't rinse out because I was worried about contaminants in the water (which was probably...
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    How important is this?

    Well, I was wrapping up my second brew (Irish Red Ale) and after an hour of trying to get the wort down to 88 degrees, I pitched the yeast and sealed it. I put the airlock on I filled it to the line. I had to jumped on a plane the next morning so I was able to watch when fermentation begins...
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    Collecting Yeast

    My first brew is in the secondary, and I didn't save my yeast simply because I was uncomfortable doing it probably. I was just trying to get some simple, economical ways to collect the yeast. When I read the reference off the "Links, Troubleshooting page," I don't think buying viles...
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    Taking Temp and Hydrometer readings

    As I'm at the end of day 4 of my first brew (wheat), I'm wondering about taking a temp and hydrometer reading to see where I sit with the FG. Primary fermentation wasn't too vigorous but lasting a solid 36 hrs. Now as primary decreases, I'm wondering if I need to take the readings. The...
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    First fermentation

    I'm brand new to this. I'm fermenting my first brew (American Honey Wheat). Everything seems to be going as described, but more small thing. I have a odor coming from the airlock, which isn't horrible, but not nice either. Anyway, I use partial mash and a malt extract of 5lbs wheat...