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  1. Drunkensatyr

    My Infection (pic)

    I need to get a pic of mine up. 7 gallon carboy, 5.5 gallons in it, and all the headspace is full of yummy infection.
  2. Drunkensatyr

    Beer line...3/8 or 3/16th?
  3. Drunkensatyr

    New cooler tun question

    The design is fine, but the Zink will corrode after the 1st batch. You really DO need the SS washers.
  4. Drunkensatyr

    Seeking amber lager/Vienna Lager?

    Vienna Lager A ProMash Recipe Report Recipe Specifics ---------------- Batch Size (Gal): 5.00 Wort Size (Gal): 5.00 Total Grain (Lbs): 8.83 Anticipated OG: 1.048 Plato: 11.98 Anticipated SRM: 20.1 Anticipated IBU: 39.4 Brewhouse...
  5. Drunkensatyr

    Any Urban Dead players here?

    Any of you into playing Urban Dead? Free text based MMORP Zombie Apocalypse game. If so it would be nice to get a large group together.
  6. Drunkensatyr

    Force-Carbing Water: PSI?

    I am thinking about buying Tonic in quantity and keeping it on tap. I am planning on keeping it around 35 psi just like a soda keg. Should be interesting to hear from anyone else that has done this.
  7. Drunkensatyr

    Ever have a hurricane/ tropical storm on you radar

    Have fun. Been through 30 years of em. Keep your head down and enjoy a few beers in case the keggerator goes down ;)
  8. Drunkensatyr

    The Winemaker Shop in Ft. Worth - Out of business?

    Several other brewers I know have sworn that place off. We all use hbhq. Kelly, Andy, Chris and Matt know their stuff. Also if you are a member of NTHBA you get a 10% discount if you bring your membership card.
  9. Drunkensatyr

    The Winemaker Shop in Ft. Worth - Out of business?

    Got to homebrewhq in Richardson....MUCH better service and ingredients. I know it is a bit of a drive though. They are on Coit just south of Arapaho
  10. Drunkensatyr

    No gas - AGAIN!

    Pipe Dope is your friend.
  11. Drunkensatyr

    Cable tv on a PC

    Torrents....or get a TV Tuner card ;)
  12. Drunkensatyr

    Wort chiller from AC unit

    This comes up all the time. Do not place any kind of evaporator coil in your wort. Wort is acidic and I would safely guess that over 75% of coils have chemicals in the solder that Will leech into your wort. Use it as a prechiller yes, in your beer - never.
  13. Drunkensatyr

    Who likes Maynard and Reznor?

    Hell yeah. This just made my day.
  14. Drunkensatyr

    Is this a good Temp Control???

    I think I paid 45 New for mine.
  15. Drunkensatyr

    ?? for the gearheads in the crowd

    As long as it is a 12 volt battery, yes. Some are 6 volt though so read the battery 1st.
  16. Drunkensatyr

    I was "misinformed" by Jamil - (re: "bugs")

    Ditto. I am sure he has made MANY good brews, but I tend to disagree with a few of his positions on practices. The Roeselare blend contains a neutral yeast in it and yeast works MUCH faster than bugs, so I do not see how you harmed your beer. As for the formation, it should take 4+ weeks to...
  17. Drunkensatyr

    Moving story about a feral child

    This is turning my stomach....How much paperwork can their really be for an AD? *I thought I saw a gun in her hand when we picked up her daughter*
  18. Drunkensatyr


    I absolutely love good absinthe. I have never hallucinated on it, nor was that ever my intention. As stated before, the mystique and ritual of drinking it is the fun part. I happen to love the taste if made correctly. We also did not drink it like it was a vodka tonic, it should be given the...
  19. Drunkensatyr

    This is why I hate bottling...

    Yeah OB...when are you going to get serious about your set up ;)
  20. Drunkensatyr

    Is my brew ruined?

    Maybe someone with more experience can try to help you identify any off flavors.