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  1. beowulf

    Hops, hops, hops

    This is addressing more your initial post, but couldn't resist since I never hear anything about Vanguard hops. I ended up with a pound once and had to get creative with it....and I still have some left. Anyway, I've had great luck with that hop in a Saison as well as a German Altbier. I have...
  2. beowulf

    Recipe Critique: All-Grain Honey Nut Brown

    Digging this back up from the grave....the batch that I made from post #6 turned out REALLY well. In fact, I just stumbled on this thread while searching for honey brown recipes and realize I had posted here. As far as my batch was concerned, it goes to show how different peoples' tastes...
  3. beowulf

    Black IPA conditioning question

    God dag! I love black IPAs and have brewed several. I typically treat them like a standard IPA, primarily to preserve the hop qualities. The darker malts do provide some of the character but it is an IPA after all, so the focus is typically on the hops. I don't think there's any problem with...
  4. beowulf

    2 month old yeast - starter?

    flars - I don't typically "wash" my yeast, per se. Once I empty the fermenter, I just sanitize a scoop and scoop it into a sanitized jar (usually 8oz jelly jar). If I have more than 8 oz then I use multiple jars or use a bigger jar. I filter the trub pretty good coming out of the kettle so...
  5. beowulf

    2 month old yeast - starter?

    I must have superman yeast or something because I direct pitch all the way up to 6 months. It does take a bit longer to start fermenting when it gets over a few weeks but it has always worked (yes, ALWAYS...for probably 50 batches or so) and my attenuation is normally exceptional. I've had the...
  6. beowulf

    How to best use my homegrown hops

    The first few years I used mine as aroma and dry hop as well. Eventually I had so much that I decided to throw caution to the wind and make a big IPA with them. Mash, fwh, aroma and dry. Just be prepared to start with more wort due to the insane absorption! I know it's not too precise since...
  7. beowulf

    Belgian Pale Ale - yeast substitute

    My go-to yeast for Belgian Blonds is Wyeast 1214. I'm not sure if there's much of a difference in recipe composition between a pale ale and a blond, but I'm a huge fan of this yeast for a range of Belgians from Blond to Quad. I have never used the yeasts you indicated were out of stock, but I...
  8. beowulf

    Tweaking my IPA

    I concur with may consider doing a fwh with columbus, then do a serious hopburst at 15-0 then a hopstand...maybe even columbus as mash hop as well. Pairing simcoe or apollo with your existing hops is something else you might try. Whatever you do, pile them on late and heavy for...
  9. beowulf

    Over carbonated beer

    Dang it...didn't realize I was the last to post before the thread was revived. It irritates me when a thread is left with a cliffhanger and no closure. So in my case, I believe the beer turned out's been over a year so I don't remember precisely. Like Hello indicated, I chilled it...
  10. beowulf

    Hoppy Blonde Ale recipe! What do you think!

    In keeping with previous recommendations, I would move your 30 minute hops to flameout, steep or dry hops. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  11. beowulf

    ☕ Coffee ☕: Ingredients, Roasting, Grinding, Brewing, and Tasting

    Sounds like you all are having a great time getting into roasting, and kudos for your efforts! I have been roasting for about 4 years, and mainly do it so that I know my coffee is fresh, saves a little bit of money and it tastes really good. I started out with a heavy skillet and roasted with...
  12. beowulf

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    I'm in....thanks!
  13. beowulf

    Cleaning out the cupboard...

    My choice would probably be a porter...
  14. beowulf

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    With the surfeit of pears in my yard comes a pear and almond creme tart.
  15. beowulf

    Black Rye IIPA Recipe Critique?

    I made my last Black IIPA with about 5.5% Blackprinz, and it's not the least bit overwhelming or roasty. I don't recall how this compares to Dehusked Carafa III, but I suspect it's close. I would suggest making sure you're using the dehusked or "special" variety of Carafa if possible since it...
  16. beowulf

    2013 hops harvest

    873.10 + 18oz cascade + 11oz centennial = 902.1 still have zeus and nugget left.... :)
  17. beowulf

    Stirring Fermentation

    I'm also interested...I wonder how well it would work on those pesky, super-flocculating british yeast strains that like to drop out so quickly...maybe if you could turn the speed way down so that the yeast is kept in suspension but not in a raging whirlpool.
  18. beowulf

    Scotch Ale Cold Crash

    My opinion would be to wait another week or so at a minimum for a beer that big. Personally, I would have serious reservations about calling it done after 6 days but that's just me. I would not make the assumption that just because you've reached the target FG that the yeast will magically be...
  19. beowulf

    What beer can't you get just right?

    My first brew was all RO with no additions. Since then it's been all tap water with some additions here and there. My last 2 brews (batch #'s 64 and 65) I used about 55% RO in each. To the IPA I added some gypsum and CaCl. To the stout I added CaCl and baking soda. We'll see how they turn...