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    I hit the panic button way too soon...

    I was hoping to give it as Christmas presents but now it looks like we will be drinking it a new year (fingers crossed).
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    I hit the panic button way too soon...

    Racked my winter warmer ahbs kit to secondary today after 10 days in primary. OG was 1.075, FG supposed to be 1.015. Mine measured at 1.030 after putting it in secondary. This is where I panic. I added a pack of Safbrew s-04 (kit came w/ Muntons) to secondary thinking I was doing good...
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    AHBS Kits?

    AHBS rocks. I highly recommend the Summit IPA. It was best beer I ever made. It was one of those beers that is so good you only end up giving a couple away, just so you can drink as much as possible. I have their winter warmer in primary right now.
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    Parts List for Mash Tun Spigot

    I am getting into partial mashing (just got a 5 gal rubbermaid cooler) and I was wondering where I find the parts list for making the spigot. I tried doing a search but just wasn't coming up with what I needed. Also any suggestions for the bottom of the mash tun? False-bottom or braided...
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    When and How to add the Raspberries??

    I used 1 can of Oregon Fruit Puree. Poured it into the secondary and racked wheat on top of it. Came out real nice after only one week in bottles. If you have a 5 gal carboy, remember you can't fit all the fruit and 5 gals of beer in (I had an overflowing carboy). DO NOT USE EXTRACT...
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    Fruit Puree in Secondary

    Tastes great. Thanks for everyone's help!
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    Dry Hopping my IPA

    Drop the hops into the secondary, who needs a frickin hop bag??????
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    Fruit Puree in Secondary

    Thanks for everyone's help on this.
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    Fruit Puree in Secondary

    I racked an American Wheat on to a can of Oregon Fruit raspberry puree. Once I saw that the airlock was bubbling and no oxygen was present I started swirling to rouse the fruit on the bottom. Question: How much rousing does this need? Should I turn the thing on its side to get the fruit...
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    UGH! Another poor attenuation thread

    ARe you pitching one vial/packet? I had the same problem until I started using 2 packets of yeast. Now I have never missed a FG! Good luck.
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    New Toy

    You suck...(wipes tear from eye as I raise a glass)
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    Fat Tire...

    The flavor of Fat Tire changes a lot. Sometimes there are subtle changes and other times there are dramatic. The latest definitely is closer to the new 2below.
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    bottling 1st batch--- Any good tips?

    This helps in cutting down on time quite a bit. I was at about an hour prior to getting this. Soaking and draining bottles takes up a lot of time.
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    What yall brewin'?

    Brewing AHS's American Wheat this weekend.
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    bottling 1st batch--- Any good tips?

    I just bottled an IPA and it took me about 30 mins. Sanitize the bottles in advance. With 3 people it should take you about 10 mins! One guy can pass bottles to the filler, filler passes bottle to capper....should be done in no time.
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    Apricot Wheat Beer Question

    Wrap a hop bag around the bottom of the racking cane, this should strain out any stuff you don't want in your bottles. Another racking is just exposing your beer to more oxygen which is very bad at this point. I use the hop bag to strain out the hops after dry-hopping in secondary.
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    Dry Hopping First Time

    I dry hopped for the first time on my last batch and I am sold! I just threw the pellets in whole. I gave the secondary a little bump every couple of days to help the hops settle. I tied a small steeping/hop bag onto the end of my racking cane before racking to bottling bucket. Came out...
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    Fruit Flavorings

    I ordered the American Wheat recipe from AHS and a 2oz bottle of raspberry extract. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Fruit Flavorings

    I am thinking of doing something with a fruit flavoring. I have decided on using flavor extract at bottling. My question is if I do an american wheat, what would be a good flavor to go with it? Obviously raspberry is popular, but has anyone tried orange, etc. Thanks in advance.
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    Partial Mash

    There is the difference between mini-mash which is steeping a larger grain amount and then adding ME, and the partial mash. For those that are all-extract brewers I advise doing mini-mash. The flavors are better and the smell is incredible. Partial mash is definitely more intensive and...