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    Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

    My Blichmann beer gun isn't cutting it for bottling high CO2 volume brews and soda. Looking to try out a counter pressure filler to see if it works better.
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    Kegging and bottling at room temperature or another solution?

    I've brewed a batch of ginger beer to give as holiday gifts and I aim to stabilize with Potassium Metabisulfite and Potassium Sorbate and back sweeten before kegging and force carbonating then transferring to bottles to be given out as gifts. I have tried to back sweeten then pasteurize...
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    Decoction mashing with a one gallon BIAB batch. Possible?

    I want to try and brew a Czech Pilsner recipe and it requires a triple decoction mash. Not having brewed this recipe, or done any decoction mashing, before I'd like to try a small batch on top of the stove before going full on with a five gallon brew day. Is it possible to do a decoction...
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    kegging still cider (and cider style wine) and a few other questions

    I went to a cidery in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago (Arsenal, check it out if you can) and they had all of their ciders and wine style ciders on tap. They were pretty busy being it was a Saturday so I didn't want to ask them exactly how they got their cider from the keg to the tap with no...
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    When to add hops for maximum flavor potential?

    Long story short, I had a beer that I really liked a few months back. It was a pale ale that had a finish that was a dead ringer the leftover milk in a bowl of trix or furity pebbles. Hops involved were centennial, zythos, and calypso. My question is, were I to do something like a centennial...
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    Kegging tomorrow. One question and verification of my plan.

    As the title says I am kegging for the first time tomorrow. Here are the details I have ten days to carb it up for a pre-wedding party. It was in primary for 16 days (fermentation temps a little low) and has been in secondary for 10 days. I am putting together keezer tomorrow morning...
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    Custom cooler lid fail. Where did I go wrong?

    I am making a portable kegorator out of a 70qt Igloo cube cooler and, inspired by another post and not wanting to hack up the lid, I decided to make a custom lid out of Great Stuff. It went well, at first but then the lid shrunk. I used the high expansion formula and did it outside in the sun...
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    How much does boil kettle size matter? (small batch in a keggle)

    It has been three years since I have done an extract batch of beer and I am going to help a friend brew for his second time tomorrow. My question is if a keggle, or a smaller 10gal kettle, would be appropriate for boiling the wort. Would there be too much evaporation with either of these during...
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    So now that I have bottle bombs, what's the next step?

    Should I put all the cider back in a carboy and use campden/sodium metabisulfite to prevent further fermentation? The cider was supposed to be still and sweet. I am worried about oxidization from pouring them into the carboy. I do have a few 1gal and 1/2gal jugs I could put it in.
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    Mash temp and length at temp question

    I am trying to put together a beer recipe and I want to retain some residual sweetness after fermentation is done. I have read that an increased mash temperature will yield more unfermentable sugars. I don't want a ton of sweetness so how high should I get the temperature and for how long? I am...
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    How fine is too fine?

    So for my second foray into all grain brewing I decided to re-brew centennial blonde due to bad efficiency and low alcohol content on my first try. After two weeks of fermenting the batch previously brewed is at 2.7% ABV. The OG was 1.033 and the FG is 1.014 (both readings temperature adjusted)...
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    How to properly agitate finings in a carboy

    I am planning on bottling some Centennial Blonde on Thursday (depending on what my hydrometer says tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday) and I am curious how to properly agitate finings in my carboy. I am using Super Kleer as my finings and this is my first time using anything outside of irish moss...
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    New Belgium 1554-Anything else like it out there?

    I tried New Belgium 1554 for the first time the other night and it was awesome. Are there any other brewers doing something this style? It has the initial smoky bite of a good stout but isn't as "thick" as a beer like Guinness. It finishes smooth and clean with a hint of sweetness and isn't...
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    What next? First AG/next brew

    I did my first AG batch a few days back and I am anxious to brew again and improve my efficiency. I did the Centennial Blonde recipe and ended up with around 63% efficiency despite screwing up my mash temperature hard core. My strike water wasn't nearly hot enough and by the end of the mash the...
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    Has anyone built or does anyone have plans for a folding brew stand?

    I did my first all grain batch yesterday and while it went well my setup is impossible to do by myself. I had to have a friend there to help me carry my cooler mash tun, keggle, and a pot I am using for a HLT up and down the back porch stairs to elevate one or the other. I don't have a garage...
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    Mold in my carboy?

    I have a gallon of Wassail fermenting in a three gallon glass carboy and there appears to be mold growing on the upper reigon of the carboy. I properly sanitized the carboy with saniclean prior to putting in the juice/ingredients. The wassail has been in the carboy for 17 days now and has been...
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    CL ad in the DC area for sanke kegs I picked up two kegs off the guy today. I saw one more there that has the rubber/plastic coating on it and I think he may have one more un-coated keg hanging around. Just passing it along. Not my ad.
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    Water bath carboy warmer? Anybody made one?

    I got a good idea from the LHBS yesterday while eyeing a carboy heating belt. The belt gets too hot for what I need and one of the guys said to use a large rubbermade tub filled with water that has an aquarium heater in it. I may also elect to add a circulation pump to this setup to avoid a warm...
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    What type of yeast for Wassail?

    I am going to be brewing up a batch of Wassail for the first time later today and I am looking for a suggestion on what type of ale yeast to try. Maybe a dry S-04 or Wyeast 1007 German Ale? The local place only carries Wyeast wet packets and a few varieties of dry stuff.