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    I hit the panic button way too soon...

    Racked my winter warmer ahbs kit to secondary today after 10 days in primary. OG was 1.075, FG supposed to be 1.015. Mine measured at 1.030 after putting it in secondary. This is where I panic. I added a pack of Safbrew s-04 (kit came w/ Muntons) to secondary thinking I was doing good...
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    Parts List for Mash Tun Spigot

    I am getting into partial mashing (just got a 5 gal rubbermaid cooler) and I was wondering where I find the parts list for making the spigot. I tried doing a search but just wasn't coming up with what I needed. Also any suggestions for the bottom of the mash tun? False-bottom or braided...
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    Fruit Puree in Secondary

    I racked an American Wheat on to a can of Oregon Fruit raspberry puree. Once I saw that the airlock was bubbling and no oxygen was present I started swirling to rouse the fruit on the bottom. Question: How much rousing does this need? Should I turn the thing on its side to get the fruit...
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    Fruit Flavorings

    I am thinking of doing something with a fruit flavoring. I have decided on using flavor extract at bottling. My question is if I do an american wheat, what would be a good flavor to go with it? Obviously raspberry is popular, but has anyone tried orange, etc. Thanks in advance.
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    Mini-mash calculations

    I was wondering if you can use Palmer's calculations to make mini-mash recipes? I don't have the space to go AG but I really like the mini-mash flavors (better than all-extract) and I want to start tinkering with my own recipes calculations. The calculations he uses are in "how to brew" and it...
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    Mini-mash Recipe for Sam Adams Ale

    Anybody have one of these or if not then maybe an all-extract? Thanks in advance.
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    How To Brew/Palmer

    This should probably be in the review section but I just want to suggest to anyone even thinking abut purchasing "How to Brew", by Palmer, to do it NOW!!! It is a great read and has a ton more content than the one online. I have learned a few things to help me in my next batch. It also is...
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    Making your own Mini-Mash Kits?

    I am buying kits online and paying around $25-$30 for them. I researched the same ingredients as if I was buying them seperately and it looks like you save almost $5 per kit??? You can't get exact amounts and would have to measure out grains, hops , etc. Is the extra $5 really worth it? I...
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    Second infected batch in a row????

    I have made 2 bad batches in a row now and I am at a loss for words??? I am doing nothing different than before when I made OK beer. I am going to get a new primary bucket and see if that helps. It is a real kick in the balls when you spend $50, wait 6 weeks and then find out you failed...
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    Austin Homebrew Supply-small complaint

    I emailed AHB with a small complaint that new brewers should know about their kits. The hops are not pre-measured. They come in 1oz sealed packages, so if you need .25oz of hops for an addition you have to guess-timate. Also, for me who does not brew a lot, I end up throwing out .75 oz of...
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    Brewing Activity 3/9-3/11

    What is everyone's brewing activity this weekend? I am racking my FT Clone into secondary and entering the homebrewers' competition on Saturday.
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    Primary Ferm and Nottingham ????

    I used Nottingham dry for the first time and the primary started up nice (about 12 hours after pitching) and got real vigorous within 24 hours. After about 48 hours there was almost nothing and after 3 days I have not heard a single thing from the airlock. Is this the normal activity for...
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    My First Competition?

    Our local University Brew Club is hosting a homebrew competition. I have an ESB that will have had 3 weeks in the bottle on that date. I am going to take it down and have them give it a judge. I tasted one last night and it is very raw at this...
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    OG only 1.030??? Help me!

    I did the FAt Tire Clone mini mash kit from AHB and after almost 3 hours of brewing I get a OG of 1.030???????????????????????? WTF!!! This was my first mini-mash and probably my 10th brew ever, but I have never missed an OG by that much??????????????? I followed the directions exactly...
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    What you Homebrewing? 3/2-3/4

    I am finally getting to the AHB Fat-Tire Clone Mini-mash kit I got in a couple of weeks ago. Going to brew tonight 3/2 and have a few during the process I will be having Full Sail IPA (I am still waiting for my ESB to bottle condition, that's why I am going commercial). What is everybody...
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    AHB Fat Tire Clone Mini-mash Kit

    I know a lot of you have tried this kit and I have one question. The directions say to "soak the grains for 45min at 155 degrees. Lift the grain bag in and out of the water as if it was a tea bag." Am I doing this for the whole 45min or just at the end? I figure that some did it the...
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    Quick Bottle question...

    I am bottling this weekend and have a bottling question. I cleaned the bottles after each time I drank from them on the last brew and placed them upside down in the box after drying. My question is do I still need to clean them before the iodophor rinse or can I just go right to the...
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    How much do you give away?

    On average per brew, how much is given to friends, family, etc? In the past I have pretty much kept the beer for myself, but lately I have had friends ask for 6 packs. I give it to them with a $5 "deposit" and give the deposit back when they return my bottles. Most of my buddies just tell...
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    What is a good attenuation %

    I am about over trying to hit graivities but lately I am more interested in attenuation %. What is a good number to hit? 75%, 80%, 90%??? My last ESB (extract kit) I had 78% after I tried the stir method after dump and splash:)
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    Wild Yeast!

    My latest APA did not turn out great so I emailed my local microbrewery to see if they would be willing to test it out. He didn't have to but the guy who owned the place was more than willing to. I brought in a bottle and after tasting, testing, etc., he determined that my ale has a wild...