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    Corney Keg Sanke Adapter?

    I have a friend who has Sanke Couplers for his kegerator lines, but is interested in having one of my beers on tap. (Home bar, no legality issues) I keg in ball lock corny kegs. Does anyone know of an adapter/lid/way that we can make this work, short of replacing a beer and gas line with corny...
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    Coffee Infusion

    I plan on making my take on Potosi Brewings - Border War. its a bourbon barrel coffee stout. I've got all the ingredients I plan on using, except my coffee. 2 things I'm not sure of... 1. How Much coffee to use 2. Ground or bean coffee I've got an idea of the type I want to use, but am open to...
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    CO2 vs. Priming Sugar Conditioning

    Hey everyone, I'm newish to kegging, helped my dad a few times, but have always bottled my own. I'm just wondering the pros/cons of burst carbonating, slow carbonating, and using priming sugar for my carbonation. I'm planning on kegging about half of my batch of Kölsch that I'm currently...
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    Early Signs - Fast Die off

    I'm currently fermenting a Kölsch and had it take off quickly, very noticeable active fermentation within 12 hours of transfer. The krausen pushed up into my blowoff tube as it always does, and it setteled into a very rythmic 1-2 bubbles per second. When I checked it this morning, roughly 36...