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    At what gravity/point does wort need O2 vs shake?

    Check out this article. In general, 1.065 Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Think the tropical flavors are due to the Amarillo hops, not yeast. Pacman is a great yeast though. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Flavor/aroma stratification?

    Hop aroma and flavor will fade over time, and is most intense right out of the fermentor. This is especially true with dry hopped beers (love me a newly kegged IPA... Wow). Exposure to oxygen during kegging and/or bottling will lead to diminished hop aromas, so flushing the keg and bottles with...
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    Charlottesville breweries

    South Street Brewery is right in downtown C-ville:
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    "Yum, this doesn't taste like homebrew."
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    Brown Sugar Flavor

    I've seen DFH IBA clone recipes, and they usually call for the brown sugar to be lightly caramelized before adding to the boil. This would result in more unfermentables, and likely more residual flavor.
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    overnight force carb?

    My SOP is to crash cool the carboy to 40F, transfer to a CO2 flushed keg, flush headspace, then lay keg on side and force carb at 30psi for ~3-3.5 minutes, rocking semi vigorously. Dial it back to ~12psi for serving (don't forget to purge the headspace before pouring). This will get the beer...
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    Tapping / Mounting on Backpanel: HOW TO?

    Tek screws?
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    Do you cut the vines at harvest?

    On my first Year hops, I'm planning on removing the cones but letting the bines remain until they die back on their own. This will allow them to continue to develop their root system.
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    Can you ID my hops?

    The more round cone looks like my Cascades, so that's my vote.
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    The Only Benefit of a Refractometer

    I've checked this, both read 1.000 with pure water at 60F. I'm more inclined to trust the hydrometer than the Chinese refractometer. I suppose a more scientific calibration test could be done... both could be off for all I know.
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    The Only Benefit of a Refractometer

    Just brewed last night, used my $30 Amazon Refractometer for OG and got 1.064. Double checking, I took a hydrometer reading...1.074! Will be using my hydrometer from now on. Refractometer will be sitting in the bottom of by gear box. :( Does anyone know if there is a correction factor needed...
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    Cut worms

    Not sure what seven dust is... have you tried Diatomaceous earth? Usually does the trick for me. You'll find it at most garden stores.
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    Squirrels and Hops?

    Nice! Thanks for the responses!
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    Squirrels and Hops?

    I'm about to put 7 rhizomes in the ground and it just occurred to me that I have a healthy squirrel population in my back yard... Does anyone know if squirrels have an affinity for hops? The bitterness may be a deterrent when they are mature, but they may be pretty tasty as young sprouts...
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    Why cant I bottle my rye ipa?

    Do you see any air leaking in at the connection of the cane and picnic tap? Wouldn't take much to create a lot of foaming.
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    How do breweries get "signature" tastes?

    I cant wait to taste the Sierra Nevada that will be produced from their future expansion to North Carolina. Will be interesting to see if there will be a noticeable difference.
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    Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot

    I have one with a spigot. Once you have that much weight, you'll need an easy way to get the wort into the fermentor. The spigot it comes with isn't very good, but it works. It is easy to upgrade valves and saves you from having to drill the pot. This thread shows how to convert it to a...
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    Drilling Anodized Aluminum

    I worked as a solar PV installer a few years back and drilling through anodized aluminum rails was common practice. I never saw any separation of the anodization from the base metal. Anodizing is actually applied via an electrical/molecular process of increasing the Aluminum oxide layer rather...
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    10G SS Mega pot as a MT for 5 gallon batches

    I have only got one AG batch under my belt (using a 10gal MegaPot w/ false bottom), and thought it worked great. My only concern is doing high-gravity brews with this 10gal size. The false bottom takes up 2gal of space, so you are really left with 8gal of mash space. Perhaps the water:grain...