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    Hefeweizen variant... Tropical?

    Good morning, Im brewing up a batch of hefeweizen and i want to twist it up. I normally get bannana from this recipe but i got to thinking...... Tropical hefeweizen? Dare i add mango and coconut. I have a pound of flaked coconut sitting in the cabinet along with a bunch of frozen mango...
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    Tossed together a "clean the store room" 3 gal batch

    Aaand its semi dissapointing. I scrounged together some 2 row, wheat malt and flaked oats since i have been sitting on this stuff for a while. I only used cascade late in boil and whirlpool then Saf-33 for the hell of it. I dont like the way it tastes really. Strong malt and back end...
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    Love my speidels, but...

    morning everyone, I have a 2 stage question Anyone who has used speidel fermenters probably liked them for one reason or another. I like both of mine very much... Until my recent batch where I ended up with a ton of sediment from double dry hopping with whole cone. I knew what I was...
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    Dry Hop Absorbtion question

    Happy Friday everyone! Quick question. I've been researching whole cone hop absorption and can safely estimate between 4.5-6oz liquid is absorbed per oz of whole cone hops. I'm trying to document this properly so I don't have to re-research every year when I harvest. I am going to add...
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    Bissell Bucolia clone - ish?

    Good afternoon, I have been thinking of whipping up something similar to Bucolia from Bissell bros. Thing is I just received 2lbs of wet whole cone cascade. So I will be using those for flavor/aroma. I have some Magnum laying around for bittering. Anyone try to brew this beer or...
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    Who works in the beer industry?

    Im entertaining a career change and a possible opportunity has been presented. Im just curious if any of you other beer lovers work in the industry on the distributor side of things? Do you like it? Good pay and bonus/incentives? etc etc I know every company is different. Ive always...
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    Equipment crossroads/induction...

    How many of you have come to a point where you need to re asses your equipment and goals? I feel like I am at a crossroads here. I have an 8 gallon kettle for stovetop BIAB, a keggle for propane burner action BIAB, a pot for 1 gallon test batches and miscellaneous other items from wort...
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    Small refrigerator/freezer ferm chamber

    Whats up all? So ive been searching away all morning and unless my context is off... I cant seem to find much on using a standard refrigerator as a ferm chamber. Except for a you tube video where the guy had a paint can heater in his fridge. I am receiving this for free. 10.1 cu ft...
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    Flavor addition to Tripel

    Whats up all? Quick question... I brewed an allegash Tripel clone recently (tastes excellent 1+ week in ferm) I was reading "Experimental homebrewing" and they have a Tahitian variant of a tripel in the book. I want to make a tincture to add to the secondary in about a week, loosely based...
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    Tropical Northeast IPA

    Morning, Today Im brewing a 3 gallon biab test batch of a "northeast ipa" Shooting for that hazy, silky, low bitterness, juicy deliciousness of some top IPA in this region. However im twisting it up with tropical hops just for the hell of it. This is where im at right now but i...
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    What is your favorite pilsner yeast?

    So I want to brew my pilsner this week... I have a 2014 WL810 san fran lager yeast I was going to try but I have had zero activity in the starter for a couple days now. I am looking to get another one so it is fresh and I have it incase there isn't any activity when I want to brew. What is...
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    AIH kits on sale

    Has anyone tried the 2 kits on sale on AIH? Mainly the "frozen flame steam beer" the wheat looks enticing as well but I already brewed a wheat this spring.
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    Best pale ale yet!

    It feels like I struck gold and must share. A bunch of experimentation over the years and this one is easily my favorite hop combo yet. The cascade were all whole cone and the rest were pellet. 6lbs ldme (split 3lbs beginning and end of boil) 1lb crystal 40 2oz cascade - 15min Whirfloc - 15min...
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    Happy Friday!

    Just walked into my office to find 2 storage bags filled with cascade and a jar of fresh (boiled 2 nights ago) maple syrup. What to do? Im thinking IPA with the hops. Anyone have a solid go to recipe? I have some recipes i haven't tried yet but i want something solid. I would feel like...
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    Happy Friday!

    Just walked into my office to find 2 storage bags filled with cascade and a jar of fresh (boiled 2 nights ago) maple syrup. What to do? Im thinking IPA with the hops. Anyone have a solid go to recipe? I have some recipes i haven't tried yet but i want something solid. I would feel like...
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    Hefeweizen input

    Here is my basic hefe recipe. I just bought the ingredients last week and was thinking of possibly tweaking it. Not sure if i want to change fermentation temps or maybe add something to secondary? Anyone have any tips or success stories with experimental secondary additions? semi...
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    Lets talk SMESH for a minute.

    Who is smeshing right now? What are you experimenting with? Ive been googling smash and smesh for days and keep finding the same threads from multiple boards. Unless im blind, did i miss a sticky or thread of peoples smesh recipes, variants or experiments over the years? I started...
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    Whats your homebrew for St Pattys?

    Anyone prepping for a st pattys brew? kits or some simple recipes? I was considering a simple red but i still need to get this bourbon stout done.
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    What is your most useless piece of brewing equipment?

    I know its easy to catch the bug and start buying stuff for every situation in brewing and consuming. So what is your most useless piece of equipment you have purchased? Whether it was on a whim or you had high expectations or ideas. Currently it is my 3 gallon corny keg... I brew 5...
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    minibrew conical fermenter

    This thing is on sale and i was just about to click the order button but i figured i would stop in here first. I did some searching and read alot this morning. I just want to hear from someone who has had one for a while. How is it holding up? any leaks or issues?