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    Three Word Thread

    don't eat it
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    Three Word Thread

    stin-kie too
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    Three Word Thread

    eat poo poo
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    beer chiller ? idea/question

    Ya-It's for serving.... I may just go back and pick one up,take off the covers(shell already included on unit) and see what makes this baby tick-ie: stainless internals,do-able t-stat mods etc....fittings also not a problem as there are 1/4" npt in and out bungs on the unit. Hey-this might just...
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    beer chiller ? idea/question

    So I was in a home appliance/equipment recycling place today and came across these--Ebco "point of use" water chillers--I can get one/or a couple at a real good price they are advertised to chill from @ 90deg down to 50deg-this is without any adjustments at this time to the chiller...
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    Drinkin' a DFH 60 min clone

    Thanks for the kind words Yoop-It's been awhile since here..... The green is very slight and you can only see it in the "right " light. Taste is spot on. X2 on the "corruption" !
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    Broken drills from barley crusher

    28 volt Milwaukee cordless gets my vote..... Put it in low range "mat the pedal" and power thru the grain without a hitch. I use mine on a Crankenstein without a problem. I haven't checked - but multiple batches are never a problem,as others have also mentioned the batteries must be kept up...
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    Drinkin' a DFH 60 min clone

    Well, It's done,kegged,carbed and drinkin' a Fantastic DFH 60 min clone- an "all-grain" recipe used from this very place, And ... It's friggen killer !!! Turned out almost exact with the exception of being a little darker,and having a little more punch than the factory brew. The only problem is...
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    WTB draft tower extension

    Anybody have one of those draft tower extensions they took off and aren't using anymore(that they'd wanna part with) ?? I'm looking for a "two holer" for on a 3" tower--keep it reasonable....... Lemme know whatcha got. Shane Oh---It doesn't need shanks-I've got them.....tryin' to keep the...
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    23 jet burner question

    Any thoughts on "swiss cheesing" or cutting a series of holes around the keggle base (where the base ring meets the body) with a "shark" hole saw ? I was thinkin maybe 3/4 inch holes so as to give the flame/heat some form of relief and lessen the ability for the flames to curl downward being...
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    Poor man's (maybe imitation) nitro tap

    I kinda like the idea too..... x3 on the check valve in the beer line-ya won't need it in the higher pressure gas line except for maybe reassurance...... What about some sort of accumulator ie: a way to separate the "nitro'd" beer from the "supply" beer to let it settle down a bit just ahead...
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    23 jet burner question

    Hey out there in homebrew land..... Who's using the 23 jet burner style burner and how's it workin' for ya ?? I acquired one last week-used but in workable shape(from a place that I know burns propane.....(rules that out right away...) I cleaned this one up and mounted it into my cooker base...
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    My Basement Bar Build

    Yep, Nuttin better than wood...... Especially thick natural edged slab stuff,varnish that stuff it looks a mile thick..... Kudo's on the build ! I have a house built in 1925 with a handlaid stone foundation-fat freekin chance of doin somethin like that in my hs. Great job though !
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    Biere de mars help

    I've been away from brewing for awhile and want to get back in.... I'm looking to clone Southampton's Biere de Mars and am having troubles locating the recipe(s) I've been experiencing troubles with my pc and am on Wifey's laptop and want to throw it through the window(troubles searching and...
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    big batch questions

    Yep, in a runnin'it off in a charred older whiskey barrel.... maybe a calculation to "kill off yeast at the end" and "back sweeten"? might plan on using Nottingham yeast--What quantity (ratio to add) ?