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    Better Bottle best price

    I just ordered a 2nd 6g ported Better Bottle with the racking adaptor/valve assy. Best price I found was Midwest Brewing supplies. I placed the order online on Monday. It shipped the same day and is scheduled to arrive via FedEx today, Thursday. I'd call that excellent service! I love my...
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    Serve robust porter on beer gas or CO2?

    My first batch of robust porter is nearly ready to tap. Should I serve it on beer gas through my stout faucet, or put it on CO2 on a regular faucet? From what I've read, a robust porter is not too different from stout. If I served it from the stout tap, would it no longer be considered...
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    Grape and Granary Extract kit reviews

    I started 5 gallon batches this year and have made two Grape and Granary (Akron, OH) extract kits to date. The first was their Steam Beer. Wonderful tasting beer, very pleased with resuts. The second was their dry Irish stout. I just tapped it yesterday using my stout faucet and G gas setup...
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    Draught Beer Quality Manual

    An excellent resource for setting up and maintaining draught beer systems. Good discussion of balancing your system.
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    Anyone cut keezer lid to flush mount drip tray?

    Has anyone ever done this before? I was planning on dropping a drip tray flush mount in keezer lid and have drain tube going to bottle inside keezer. I'd appreciate any tips.