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  1. Noidios

    Troubleshooting P-J's Auberin-wiring1-SYL-2352-basic5-RIMS diagram

    Hello all, I finally got around to testing this build and am having the following problems that I just can't figure out: fuse -5A regularly blows (the fuse feeding the pump switch) LED for pump never comes on pump never comes on Other notes: The fuse doesn't always blow pump doesn't come on...
  2. Noidios

    Almost done with RIMS controller - 3 quick clarifications

    Thank you to everyone that has helped me with this build. I am in the homestretch now. I have 3 quick things to clarify though: 1. Are the resistors on the e-Stop line supposed to be connected in series or parallel? 2. The diagram shows 2 wires going to the e-Stop, but Auberins SW6 has...
  3. Noidios

    Help with RIMS controller

    I am about ready to wire everything up and everything seems straight forward to me except the contactor coil. The layout of the coils connections is different on the schematic than the actual coil I received form Can someone please tell me which terminals relate to which position...