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    I think I racked to secondary too early

    Brewed the DOZE black IPA recipe and I had an initial gravity of 1.07. After 2 weeks I racked over to a secondary to dry hop. At this time I took a gravity reading and it was still a bit high 0.026. Not sur what the final gravity should be because morebeer never has it on their recipes. My...
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    Wine thief suggestion

    I know its a small purchase but it seems I read mixed reviews about any wine thief I find. Any recommendations and/or thoughts on what NOT should be bought?
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    Excessive fermentation

    Is there such a thing as excessive fermentation? I brewed on Sunday and I already needed to replace the airlock about 4 times due to foam and other material making its way into it. I also noticed that each time the top to my fermenter bucket was bowed out almost like it was going to pop off...
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    When is fermentation complete?

    Brewed the DOZE IPA from morebeer this weekend and one of the things I hate when getting recipes from morebeer is then never list what the final OG should be. Typically I give 2-3 weeks before bottling or kegging but I would like to be sure next time. Should I just take a reading after 2...
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    Fermentation tempature

    I usually ferment using WLP001 which has a suggested temp range of 68-73 degrees. which works out perfectly for me since we keep our house at 70% so I can easily through my fermenter in a closet (~71 degrees). I'm now however using WLP009 which has a suggested range of 65-70 degrees. Is the...
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    Off taste (caramel) after kegging?

    I just kegged (first time) a Blind Pig IPA extract clone and I noticed some off off flavor that wasnt there when I kegged or even a few days after kegging. Tastes very creamy and caramely. Could this be diacetyl... I'm pretty sure it fermented long enough? My OG was around 1.080 and my FG...
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    First time kegging question

    About to keg for the first time tonight. At what pressure should I set it to for an IPA and for how long? Any guidance appreciated!
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    First time cleaning of new keg and tubing

    Any ideas on how I should go about cleaning my new homebrew keg? I'm guessing PBW for the keg and simple sanitization of the tubing? Thoughts
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    Regulators and PSI

    New to kegging so I'm not quite sure what I need. Just bought a triple tap kegerator and I'm wondering how I should set up my regulator. Does it make sense to buy a triple body regulator with individual pressure guages or a single regulator with a triple outputs? Are most ales carbonated to the...
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    I have to drill into my brand new kegerator?

    Just read the fine print on my Summit Kegerator (SBC-500B) and it turns out it only has 2.5 inch column and for a dual tap I need to re-drill the 3 tower onto the top of it. Has anyone done this? If so, how did it turn out? Anything I should be aware of before attempting to do this? Also, is...
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    Summit Kegerator SBC-500B (Drilling?)

    Just read the fine print on my Summit Kegerator (SBC-500B) and it turns out for a dual tap I need to re-drill the 3' tower onto the top of it. Has anyone done this? If so, how did it turn out? Thanks
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    Just bought a kegerator!

    Finally bought a kegerator although I don't know the first thing about kegging. Can someone point in the right direction on instructions on hour to keg and what I should be on the look for while kegging? :tank:
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    Kegco or Cornelius Keg?

    Deciding which brand new keg to buy not sure if I should go with a Kegco ( or a converted soda keg with rubber bottom...
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    Summit Kegerator SBC-500B

    Anyone have this model? Reviews, recommendations? Is it worth the extra money over say a Danby or Haier?
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    Kegerator Suggestions (Not DIY)

    I'm looking for general opinions on kegerator refrigerator brands. Please don't reply with "Build it yourself bro" because that offers no guidance. Generally which brands are best? Haier Kegco Danby Edgestar Avanti Which ones are of cheap quality and should be avoided? Thanks in...
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    Kegerator Brands

    I'm thinking about one of the following dual tap kegs. Can anyone recommend any of them and/or the brand?
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    Help me with my purchasing decisions

    I've decided that its time to buy a kegerator. I've just started looking into whats exactly needed and I have some questions: What is the difference between ball lock and pin lock? Is Perlick worth the upgrade? Are there differences in types of taps? If so explain please. Is there...
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    Help me with my kegging equipment

    Hoping you pro's can help me with my kegging decision. I've decided I would like to buy/convert a kegerator that has at least 2 taps. Can someone break down the approximate cost of purchasing the complete system and then the price for building it. Does it save much by building your own? Any...
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    Blichmann Top Tier Brewing Stand

    Anyone brewers out there have this? How tall is it? Do you typically use it for 5 or 10 gallon batches? Mind sharing your setup and showing off your bling :cross:
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    Question on traditional AG

    Is the HLT really needed? Couldn't you just get away with a MLT and BK? Do any people out there do this?