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  1. AlchemyBrewing

    Strongest Sanke Coupler?

    Yes... I confess... I am a meat head. I got a 90degree Sanke coupler so my line wouldn't get kinked up against the top of the kegerator. To get it on with out leaks I put it in a vice and cranked on it. The only think I had to torque on was the handle for the coupler and snap! It still sort...
  2. AlchemyBrewing

    To Thermowell or not?

    I just got two Thermometers (dial with 4" stem) and will probably go weldless to mount them into my Keggles (Mash and Sparge). The question I have is what are the pros and cons of adding a thermowell to them. Thanks!
  3. AlchemyBrewing

    Stalled Fermentation on an Alt

    I have an "Alt" that has an OG of 1.050 and fermented really nice for about 48 hours and then slowed way down. We let it go for another 5 days and the ferm lock was bubbling about once in 40 seconds. We assumed it was done and put the carboys in the fridge to cold crash them for a couple of...
  4. AlchemyBrewing

    Loose Shank on Upright Keezer Help Request

    Hi all of you Keezer Kats! I just installed two 4 inch shanks into an 18' Upright Keezer. They are going through the door since there are coils on the sides. I can't seem to tighten them up enough because it just keeps compressing the door liner and insulation. I don't want to keep going...
  5. AlchemyBrewing

    Local Home Brew Shop Prices

    I want to be able to support my local shop. I really do. I think it is important and a foundation to the health of our hobby. But how do I do it when their prices are so high. I was in a pinch for a 1/2"NPT M/M nipple and they charged over $10 a piece! That is almost 3 times what places...
  6. AlchemyBrewing

    Brew Day Disaster!

    It was supposed to be the first batch of beer my wife and I brewed in 8 years. It was supposed to be perfect. Instead it was the Brew day from hell. I open up the discussion to allow for tips, tricks, and general scorn of my lack of skills. Problem 1. The east starter (WL California...
  7. AlchemyBrewing

    Denver DIY

    I wouldn't call myself a noob... though others might, and I probably couldn't argue. I think being out of brewing for the last 8 years I am a bit behind on a lot of the new ideas out there. I know the keezer builds and system builds are far more advanced then they were a decade ago. I am...
  8. AlchemyBrewing

    Mashtun Jacket Ideas

    I am working on upgrading my system and need a way to insulate my mashtun. Any thoughts on this or alternatives. I don't like the idea of using a water heater jacket since it is pretty messy. Does anyone know what material Brew Tree used in their jackets? Thanks for your help! Jonathan