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  1. fat x nub

    Is Star San a type of bleach?

    thanks guys
  2. fat x nub

    Corny Kegs

    I want to get some more cornys. Thanks for the site
  3. fat x nub

    Brewyear's Resolutions.

    Don't get lazy with fermentation timing and control
  4. fat x nub

    Is Star San a type of bleach?

    A guy told me this and I got sort of confused. We were talking about sanitizing and he brought up sainitizing with bleach. I said i sanitized with star san and then he said star san was a type of bleach. Is this true?
  5. fat x nub

    Moving- Brew or Stop

    I doubt that a keg violates the law and i am sure the cop would understand if you are in a state that is legal to homebrew in
  6. fat x nub

    3 Tier Gravity Brew Stand

    I was thinking the same thing. I have been designing my stand FOREVER but during my winter break and xmas time i wil probably start construction. I am downloading sketchup right now...looks like a pretty cool program
  7. fat x nub

    Budweiser American Ale Commercial

    I agree to that. It's not that bad guys. Just doesn't taste dry hopped (or hopped at all) and isn't full bodied because they know the avergae Bud drinker would drink it
  8. fat x nub

    What goes well with a Belgian style ale?

    I would hurry up and change that tampon..... A think a blueberry pie would go nice with it if she can eat that (I am not really sure whats in the crust). I think its more of an after dinner drink
  9. fat x nub

    Barley Crusher Help!

    if my runoff took over 3 hours i would shoot myself in the foot
  10. fat x nub

    Happy F'N Thanksgiving: A Story of Horror

    Wow. I feel bad for you. Souded like a great day turned into what would have been the worst day of my life
  11. fat x nub

    what the hell?!

    should i kill myself now or wait until tomorrow morning?
  12. fat x nub

    First time making i need to double pitch dry yeast?

    Ok thanks. I will spend an extra buck to make sure a 60 dollar kit is done right :mug:
  13. fat x nub

    ale pail looks like its about to explode

    That sucks. Now we really need pics
  14. fat x nub

    First time making i need to double pitch dry yeast?

    SO I am about to get the mead kit from AHB and there is an opton for double pitching yeast. I am going with the dry champagne yeast. I know when making beer I don't need to double pitch dry yeast but sometimes need to double pitch liquid yeast if i don't make a starter. SHould I double pitch dry...
  15. fat x nub

    did i kill my yeast?

    STOP LOOKING AT IT!!!! If you open the lid one more time before 10 days is up i will get on a plane to lincoln and slap you in the face. RDWHAHB! Everything is fine :mug:
  16. fat x nub

    ale pail looks like its about to explode

    Pressure must be building up some how then. Pics would help if you can
  17. fat x nub

    Natural gas brew stand - 23 tip burner to 10 tip conversion build.

    Looks VERY nice. I hve been thinking about switching to natural gas but have to move all my brewstuff from the garage to the porch where the natural gas line is.
  18. fat x nub

    ale pail looks like its about to explode

    Pic the tube filler with krausen?
  19. fat x nub

    beer tastes better but is flat

    I sometimes get mixed results with my swing top bottles because i dont position them flat on the lip of the glass on 2 or 3 of the bottles. But it is probably the seals that came with the bottles if it is a problem with multiple bottles. Do the ballon test that everybody is talking about
  20. fat x nub

    How many taps do you have?

    the picnic taps work fine for know...:(