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  1. m_stodd

    Suggestions to replace a choc. stout that went bad

    I bottled a chocolate stout a week ago, and it's clearly bad. The beer has a film on top and some on the neck, and it's starting to make weird looking bubbles. I was hoping go give it away as Christmas presents, but now I'm going to dump most (all?) of it to free up my swing top bottles...
  2. m_stodd

    Crispin Double Fermentation From the document: ...Crispin Bare Naked and Fox Barrel Pear Naked, which are USDA Organic certified hard ciders utilizing a unique Double Fermentation process. Stripped down, “naked” ciders utilizing a natural fermentation without chaptalization. Fermentation leverages...
  3. m_stodd

    Low gravity (1.03) on Northern Brewer's Grand Cru partial mash kit

    Last night I put together Northern Brewer's Grand Cru lambic kit. I followed it to a 'T' using the correct amounts of water, hitting my temperatures... But in the end when I added water to get it to 5 gallons, and took a hydro reading, it came out to 1.03 at 76 deg. Fahrenheit and the...
  4. m_stodd

    Fresh cider around Milwaukee

    We all know how crappy this season is for apples, but does anyone know of a cider mill pressing this fall? Every place that I've emailed has said they have few or no apples, and no cider.