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  1. Short Drive

    RIP Mary Travers

    The world was a better place musically because you were in it. I'll never forget the absolute joy I got, as a child, listening to Puff The Magic Dragon. A true troubadour that will be missed.
  2. Short Drive

    Happy Birthday sause

    Happy Birthday. And in honor of your birthday The Palm Tavern is having Black Albert night tonight starting at 8:00. :rockin: Hugs and Kisses :D
  3. Short Drive

    Happy Birthday JacktheKnife

    Birthdays are special. I know everyone has one. But this one is yours. So wander over to the pantry and grab a Hammerbier. Drink a toast to yourself while I drink one to you.:mug: Happy Birthday J. Winters VonKnife.
  4. Short Drive

    Nice Article About Chad's Book

    Congrats Chad. Restaurant and Hospitality had a nice write up about Chad's book "An Edge in the Kitchen".
  5. Short Drive

    Happy Birthday Lonnie Mac Mr Brutus Ten

    Happy Birthday! Thanks For Sharing with the community.:mug:
  6. Short Drive

    Happy Birthday Cookiebaggs

    Hope you had a good one. Salute!
  7. Short Drive

    DesertBrew is 46

    Happy Birthday! Here's raising a cold one.:mug:
  8. Short Drive

    Hey boo boo

    Hey boo boo its you birthday. Hope you find a picanic basket.:mug:
  9. Short Drive

    Welcome cee3 20,000th member

    Welcome. Hope to see you post something.
  10. Short Drive

    Sam Adams Boston Lager (may contain barley)

    Saw this on an ingredient label for beer battered cod. I wonder if Jim Koch knows this about his beer?:)
  11. Short Drive

    SE Wisconsin Cornelius Keg Group Buy

    eBay Superlarry in Oshkosh has 25 kegs for $350. If we get local pick up that is $14 per keg. Anyone interested?
  12. Short Drive

    SEWAGE Winter Brewin'

    cookiebags was our host. He owns a commercial cookie factory in the Milwaukee area. The bakery brew room. Bernie Brewer moving in. cookiebags sweet set up. Note the hydraulic kettle lift. sause doing a decoction, and Bernie checks his temps.
  13. Short Drive

    Crazy Uncle KornKob..... Happy Birthday

    Hope your Birthday is great in real time, not just in theory.:mug:
  14. Short Drive

    Happy Birthday El Pistolero

    55! You're not getting older, you're aging to perfection. Happy Birthday:mug:
  15. Short Drive

    Bernie Brewer!!!

    Happy Birthday man. Bernies fan site
  16. Short Drive

    Let's see your ugly junk

    Here's mine. I know everybody has some, let's see it.
  17. Short Drive

    Origin of Santa Claus

    Santa Claus was not born. He was willed into existence by Chuck Norris.:rockin:
  18. Short Drive

    Teach a Friend to Home Brew Day Racine WI

    Sat November 3rd from 9am to 3pm at DP Wigley 234 Wisconsin Ave Racine. Hope you can come and bring a friend.
  19. Short Drive

    Evets is 51

    Happy Birthday man!:mug: Your so sneaky. Posting a Happy B-day to Brewpastor, but never mention that its your birthday too.
  20. Short Drive


    Happy 44th! :mug: