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  1. OneImpBrewery

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Cinnamon Horchata-ish

    Was trying for a BM Clone at first. This is not as sweet and has a smoother cinnamon taste to it. I will keep working on an exact clone but for now this is one turned out really well. Thanks to TheHappyHopper for your help on the recipe. Fermentables Amount Fermentable Maltster 10.0...
  2. OneImpBrewery

    SWMBO Wants BM Cinnamon Horchada Clone

    Looking for some specifics. Its Blue Moon. Came out this fall and was actually a pretty good dessert beer. Just not sure what I would call as far as a Wit or a Mexican lager style? I know its 5.5% and has cinnamon in it. Any help from there would be amazing. Just a shot in the dark...
  3. OneImpBrewery

    RaspberryPi Valve Controller?

    Hey New to the automated section and very green. Ive been searching around and not finding what I am looking for. This is perhaps because I dont know enough. So here goes I have a 10g e-herms system with 2 pumps that I would like to add electronic valves to. Eventually I would love to add...
  4. OneImpBrewery

    Specialty IPA: Brown IPA Donkey Butt IBA

    Alright guys this is my first time here. Tips are appreciated and if I missed something let me know. Ingredients Amount Item Type % or IBU 11.75 lb 2 Row 0.5 lb C60 0.25 lb Brown Malt 0.15 lb Roasted Barley Mash 158 for 60 min, Mashout with 168. Sparged for total 6.5gal in BK Boil...
  5. OneImpBrewery

    Dry hopping with your home grown beauties

    I was pretty sure I already knew the answer for this but just heard the opposite from my LHBS. Just looking for some reaffirmation. Can i toss an oz of my whole leave home grown into a keg to dry hop without worrying about infection? Thanks Imp
  6. OneImpBrewery

    Need a game day brew, that will be ready in time?

    Alright so we are at the 20 day mark and I should have already had something ready... However I am still refining my skills in procrastination.... ill get there eventually. I am looking for a nice crisp pale ale or other recipe that is ready in minimal time. Ive looked at Orfy's Mild...
  7. OneImpBrewery

    Alright hops gurus....

    I get this almost every year. Spray anti fungal on it and then I get hops. Any idea what it is? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Imp
  8. OneImpBrewery

    Found Rhizomes for 3.25/ea after shipping

    Just stumbled across this on ebay. Looks like a good selection just have to buy 6 rhizomes...
  9. OneImpBrewery

    Head Down! IPA

    Stuart Mackenzie: I'm not kidding, that boy's head is like Sputnik; spherical but quite pointy at parts! Now that was offside, wasn't it? He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight, on his huge pillow. Just found this on clearance, it was damn good and strong! With a head that reminded me of a...
  10. OneImpBrewery

    Odell IPA Recipe ?'s

    One of my favorites that I would like to replicate. This is out of Zymurgy. The questions are: Does this recipe look good? Has anyone made this, and did it turn out pretty close? Is crisp Maris Otter the same as regular Maris Otter? The hops addition at burnout, how long do I leave them in...
  11. OneImpBrewery

    Irish Ale Yeast - Recipes?

    Hey Guys/Gals i'm currently fermenting an Irish Red Ale with WYEAST 1084 Irish Ale Yeast. I will be racking this off here in a week and I wanted to see what other beers this yeast works well in. I'm hoping to rack another batch onto the yeast cake but this is my first time using it. Any...
  12. OneImpBrewery

    Recipe request: Big Horn Brewing Buttface Amber

    So ive scoured the net and not had much luck. I have found a dead thread here with no answer. So I would like to try again. I really like the stuff and would love to have it on tap. Could anyone please help me out? Thanks -The Imp
  13. OneImpBrewery

    Aubers PID troubles :(

    Well I think I thoroughly screwed up on this on. I built a temp control unit from the 110v BIAB thread which looks like this. While trying to get the PID to read in degrees F I was going through the settings. I came across COOL, I reset that number from 10 to 1 thinking that that was the...