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  1. NeoBrew

    how about a meme generator thread...

    Why doesn't it ever fill??? Why???
  2. NeoBrew

    Does anyone else run their chilled wort through a paint straining bag before going into fermenter?

    I know it can be a source of pride to have clear wort into the fermenter, but the fermantation process will likely settle out whatever you are worried about.
  3. NeoBrew

    Lids for water jugs?

    Have you tried one of these yet?
  4. NeoBrew

    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    I don't have a horse in this race as I've sort of reached my saturation point with complexity of brewing for me and DIY, but with all the work you are going through trying to find the perfect tube, why don't you design and make your own? It would be relatively simple to mock up a prototype...
  5. NeoBrew

    Kegorator Refurbish - Trying to remove top

    I've never owned one, but I would guess it is glued in with either sealant or spray foam. You would need to get in there and slice that glue from under the flange and probably from the underside as well. You are probably better off just painting around it.
  6. NeoBrew

    how about a meme generator thread...

    Sometimes people wonder why anyone would live in Minnesota with its harsh winters. cockroaches of any size or locomotive abilities.
  7. NeoBrew

    how about a meme generator thread...

    That's a shame. Those cans of liquid are inedible. :p
  8. NeoBrew

    Well i just got my refractometer!

    Some refractometers have an SG scale, some do not.
  9. NeoBrew

    Aeration System Introducing lead and Lead Compounds into wort

    One other thing I haven't seen mentioned, the plastic in electric wiring casings can have led in it. As I understand it, it was banned at one time before someone lobbied to have it put back in. I believe it makes the plastic/rubber more flexible. It is also another potential reason for the label.
  10. NeoBrew

    Methylene blue to test yeast viability

    I've got all the supplies and did it twice. I stocked up on a microscope and the few pieces needed to do it last year. I was all gung ho to get a yeast lab set up and add that to my brewing skills. I even banked some yeast and stored it. It's not that hard. The biggest challenge for me was the...
  11. NeoBrew

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Is version 4 ready for the masses? I would love to upgrade but want to avoid getting in over my head.
  12. NeoBrew

    Looking to get back into extract brewing for the time being

    If you are just returning to homberewing and haven't been following along in the last few years, a lot has changed. I'm not sure if you still have all your old equipment, in which case you might just stick with 3 vessel brewing when you are able again. The concept of BIAB has really taken off...
  13. NeoBrew

    Show us your Kegerator

    What the heck is that? A giant dorm fridge? Pictures of the inside might yield some more helpful advice. Given what looks to be a fairly small footprint I'd suggest you bite the bullet and drill your CO2 through to the outside.
  14. NeoBrew

    Pressure in keg falling off at start

    From the sound of it you might not have any leak at all. It could just be the beer absorbing it.
  15. NeoBrew

    HELP, Dropped straw into fermenter!

    You might want to fish the batteries out. :p I don't know what you were doing playing with your wife's vibrator in your beer, but to each their own. :rolleyes:
  16. NeoBrew

    Few general questions I have run into.

    Just dump it in. It will hydrate itself. It's better to sprinkle if you can. It's not worth trying to sanitize and sticking something else in your fermenter to mix it. It would be even better to rehydrate your yeast before you put it in the fermenter. Yes. When doing extract brewing there are...
  17. NeoBrew

    Kveik pancakes?

    Pancakes don't usually have yeast, at least not ones I've had. What is your recipe?
  18. NeoBrew

    Minnesota Twin Cities homebrewing clubs?

    I have attended a few events of the Minnesota Home Brewer’s Association. Really nice bunch of people. They seem pretty active and have a regular e-news mailing list.