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  1. wyzazz

    1/2" id cfc?

    So I picked up a couple of 50' rolls of 5/8" OD X 1/2" ID copper tubing from Home Depot very cheaply and was thinking of making a CFC. I like the fact that I would have full flow of wort through the CFC for whirlpooling, and the chance of plugging the chiller with pellet hops would be mitigated...
  2. wyzazz

    My Water

    I pull my water from a shallow well (~35' deep) on my property and send it through a sediment filter, water softener & finally a carbon filter to drink/brew with. Something I've noticed is a harshness in my lighter beers, but my darker beers (Ambers, Porters, Stouts, Dark Milds) all come out...
  3. wyzazz

    Recirculating Keg Line Cleaner

    Typically I'm pretty OCD about cleaning my kegerator lines/taps/faucets. I will fill a keg with 2 gallons of hot Oxiclean (a Base) and flush the lines, after which I'll fill the lines with a StarSan solution (an Acid) and flush again using that same keg. This Base/Acid rinse helps to break...
  4. wyzazz

    CL Find - Ball Lock Kegs - Not Mine

    Figured I'd pass this on, I don't use Cornies so hopefully someone can snag a few kegs at a decent price. Great for Brewing Beer at HomeGreat for Brewing Beer at Home
  5. wyzazz

    Measure Specific Gravity with a Hydrometer Props to Forrest Whitesides, I heard this on Final Gravity Podcasts yesterday!
  6. wyzazz

    (CL Not Mine) SS 30 Gal Wood Fired Kettle

    Not mine - In Polk, OH.
  7. wyzazz

    First Batch & First Beersplosion!!!

    I brewed my first batch this weekend, it's a Rainbow Red Ale Clone. 10 Gallons Total, 4.5 in a 5gal Sanke, and 5.5gal in an 8gal Sanke to ferment. I rehydrated my Safale S-04 yeast and pitched, then added the appropriate amount of FermcapS to prevent a Beersplosion. I came home from work the...
  8. wyzazz

    What to brew for my first batch

    Hi all, I'm a noob when it comes to Home Brew but have been reading quite a lot and am excited to brew my first batch. I am planning on a full boil on a 5gal batch, but am at a loss as to what to brew for my first batch. That being the case I thought I'd ask the experts. ;) I'm going to...