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  1. OneImpBrewery

    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read? is my main resource. I read every issue of BYO from front to back up until a couple of years ago.
  2. OneImpBrewery

    Win a Brew Kettle or Ferm Tank from Delta Brewing Systems!

    Woohoo! Thanks for the chance Delta Brewing Systems! Count me in!
  3. OneImpBrewery

    Win a Year of Free Hops

    Chinook! Thanks for putting this on!
  4. OneImpBrewery

    FREE! Win a Free Brewer's Friend T-shirt!

    Done! Count me in please!
  5. OneImpBrewery

    SWMBO Wants BM Cinnamon Horchada Clone

    Hey youafwog! You've got quite a bit of gunk in there indeed. Congrats on your first non-kit brew! Looks like you pitched an entire packet of yeast in there right? After about a week of fermenting i'm hoping some of that gunk settled down for you. Looks like one epic yeast raft to me...
  6. OneImpBrewery

    Inkbird 20% to 50% off discount for ITC-308, IPB-16, 308S, IBS-TH1

    I have had one of theseInkbird Aquarium Dual Stage Temperature Controller + NTC Sensor for almost a year and it is fantastic! This temp controller is easy to set and makes my fermentation process so much simpler. I have fermented over 100 gallons of beer with this and had great results. It is...
  7. OneImpBrewery

    Inkbird Giveaway for New Wireless BBQ Thermometer IRF-2S

    USA and Orange please. You guys Rock!
  8. OneImpBrewery

    SWMBO Wants BM Cinnamon Horchada Clone

    Never got a reply and have not been able to brew much lately. I did a couple of kits that I got on sale but that has been it. Hope to revisit this again soon. I still don't have as much experience as most of the brewers on here so still taking suggestions to get this as close as possible.
  9. OneImpBrewery

    SWMBO Wants BM Cinnamon Horchada Clone

    Awesome! Look forward to the reply. We just had a new addition to the family so SWMBO has not been able to drinkso I have not made this for a while. Interested to see what we can improve
  10. OneImpBrewery

    All Grain Assortment?

    I would say after your staples just to be open to special orders with prepay. Most people are willing to wait for something until you place your order. Have an order list for seasonal recipes so you can have the ingredients to the customers to brew then complete in time for seasonal...
  11. OneImpBrewery

    Electric Brewing Simplified

    I'm with you Texas, I also use a 120v system but only a single element in my HLT with a herms coil. It works great just takes a little bit of time to get the 13 gal that I use for strike and sparge up to temp. Even with that volume it increases temp at about a degree per minute. The same...
  12. OneImpBrewery

    Electric Brewing Simplified

    Great looking article! Not sure if it is my browser or not but I missing a few chunks of information. You have some nice pictures for reference, how about a full picture of your rig?
  13. OneImpBrewery

    off piste - cider question

    Not sure you posted this one in the right forum. I dont know the answer but I bet the folks over in the Cider forum could help you out. Cheers Imp
  14. OneImpBrewery

    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    Wanted to say thanks for all of the hard work on the post. I followed the guide and did some more searching through the thread to do the legacy install and it worked great! You guys rock! Happy Brewing -Imp
  15. OneImpBrewery

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Cinnamon Horchata-ish

    pjtime: Just crunched through the difference in the OG from 5.25 to 5gal and it would be .01 off. You could dial back on the 2-row by a few oz to make up the difference. I don't think it will have much impact on the taste though. jbeerman: That's Great! Glad to hear it turned out for you...
  16. OneImpBrewery

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Cinnamon Horchata-ish

    Awesome! Glad to hear and smart move easing the cinnamon. Let me know how the mouth feel is with the extra lactose compared to the bm version. Have a happy turkey day.