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  1. mosstradamus

    Sold 40 Gal Groen Steam Kettle - $150

    Groen 40 gallon Steam Jacketed Kettle - $150 obo Re-posting with a reduced price... I picked this up before I moved to Arizona, and my new brewery configuration doesn't quite have the space for this monster. I silver soldered 1.5 TC ferrule on the bottom (butt joint, but appears strong and...
  2. mosstradamus

    Arizona 40 Gallon Groen Kettle and 2 PID Controller Kit

    Groen 40 gallon Steam Jacketed Kettle - $250 I picked this up before I moved to Arizona, and my new brewery configuration doesn't quite have the space for this monster. I has a butt joint silver soldered 1.5 TC ferrule on the bottom. Local Pickup Only. SOLD 2 PID Controller = $225 plus actual...
  3. mosstradamus

    Virginia 15 gal Conical Fermentor & Stand -$150

    Selling my 15 gal conical and plywood doesn't fit in my ferm chamber very well, and I have decided to go another route for my setup...local pickup only (Arlington VA near EFC Metro)....$150 What it has: 1.5" TC adapter for the bottom drain 1.5" TC elbow and clamp Weldless...
  4. mosstradamus

    Virginia 3 Tier with 4 Keggles (Arlington, VA)

    ------------SOLD---------------------- The keggles in this post are pretty "utilitarian" and have SS pipe instead of couplers. The stands are strait, sturdy, and in pretty good shape despite the surface rust in spots (something that a flapper wheel and rattle can of high temp paint can...
  5. mosstradamus

    Downdraft Fan

    Almost all of the vents I have seen on this site have been overhead. Thought I would share something different. My E-Herms is located about 4 feet from my garage door, and I have been ventilating by opening the door and using a fan to blow steam out. I still get some condensation buildup on...
  6. mosstradamus

    Melted 40Amp FOTEK SSR

    Before I built my 50 Amp e-HERMS panel, I spent a lot of time looking at designs that were posted on this sight, particularly PJs. I thought using circuit breakers within the panel, as well as contactors, was a little overkill....but based on what I was already spending, decided to keep them in...
  7. mosstradamus

    Virginia Hoffman 16x14x6

    Getting rid of a spare 1614CH Hoffman model 1614CH box - NEMA 12, screw clamps and a continuous hinge. There are some small surface scratches on the front that are hard to see in the picture. It does not come with a back plate. Asking $50 + shipping
  8. mosstradamus

    Virginia Counterflow Chiller - 25ft 3/8"

    This CFC was used for a year, until I started brewing larger batches and decided to upgrade. Goodyear high temp hose and a ball valve to regulate the cooling water. Located in Arlington $55 OBO
  9. mosstradamus

    Virginia Bottom Drain Keggle and Single PID Control Box - $425

    SOLD.................... Looking for a local buyer (Arlington, VA/DC Metro). Here is what is included: Partially shined up bottom drain keggle with a 4500w foldback Camco element that is mounted with a silver soldered TC fitting. As you can see, the sight glass is not quite plumb, but that...
  10. mosstradamus

    Virginia Delfield Frost Top - (keezer/ferm chamber cooling source) $100 OBO - Arlington VA

    I have a Frost Top that I had planned on using as the cooling source for a keezer/fermentation chamber combo cabinet. Because of space limitations. I have decided to go another route. Looking for $100 OBO & local pickup (Arlington, VA) ..."The Delfield N8259 frost top unit features a...
  11. mosstradamus

    Virginia Hoffman boxes 10x8x6

    I have 4 brand new 10x8x6 Hoffman boxes (model 10086CH). 3 of the 4 are in their original shrink wrapping, NEMA 12, have screw clamps and continuous hinges. Looking to get $40 each (plus shipping). Willing to make a deal on the lot.
  12. mosstradamus

    Virginia Hoffman Boxes

    I have: 3 10x8x6 Hoffman model 10086CH boxes - $45 each 1 1614CH Hoffman model 1614CH box - $75 They are all in their original shrink wrapping, NEMA 12, have screw clamps and continuous hinges. I would consider trading for corny kegs, a pump, control panel components, etc I am in the...
  13. mosstradamus

    Virginia Craigslist Find - Huge CO2 Tank

    This isn't mine. I don't think I have seen a larger CO2 tank for sale..they are asking $125
  14. mosstradamus

    Bottom Drain Trub Snorkel/Pick Up Tube

    I want to minimize the number of fittings I have on my bottom drain keggles. I also wanted to whirlpool, but that is obviously a little problematic with the trub cone forming in the center. So far, I have already used the bottoms as a lid, a false bottom and a practice piece for soldering...
  15. mosstradamus

    Fire Extinguisher Cabinet for Control Panel

    I am slowly working to get all the parts I will need for a control panel that will replace my ammo box pwm. Planning on going from a cooler MLT and e-keggle to a 4 keggle system (HLT/Herms, MLT, BK1, BK2). I am still deciding between PIDs and a BCS, how many elements to run simultaneously...
  16. mosstradamus

    Bottom Drain e-Keggle

    I just finished my first bottom drain keggle for my new passed the leak check ... so I thought I would post some pics. I used a 1.5" TC long ferrule silver soldered to the keggle and a 1.5" TC x 1" NPS Adapter from Stout for the element. The cover is a 1 1/4" conduit body from HD and...
  17. mosstradamus

    Control Panel: Too Much Power?

    Has anyone used separate 240V and 120V power sources/circuits as inputs to a control panel? In an effort to make the design for my new E-Herms as complicated as possible, I was thinking about using two separate power sources (separate cicuits) to provide the greatest amount of flexibility. I...
  18. mosstradamus

    Another Hopper

    Here is a picture of my grain hopper (version 2.0). It cost less than $12.00. I haven't seen anyone use a toilet flange yet, and thought I would share. The cover on the thumbscrew side fits loosely and isn't pretty, but has kept the grain from escaping. $10.67 3" Swivel Toilet Flange...