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  1. ca_baracus

    Coffee Oatmeal Stout Critique

    Hey all - here's what I'm thinking. Any tips would be appreciated. Going by the Mad Fermentationist regarding coffee addition: All Grain (5.5 gal) OG: 1.064 IBU: 40.4 SRM: 32.1 ABV: 6.4% 9lbs 8 oz - Marris Otter 2lbs - Flaked Oats 1lb - Chocolate Malt 8oz - Roasted Barley 8oz - Crystal 80L...
  2. ca_baracus

    Recipe Critique: Hazyish IPA with Kveik Yeast

    Hey Guys, Here's what I'm thinking for my next brew. Really want to try out Omega Hordnindal yeast due to the fruity esters it gives off. I'm kind of thinking a Trillium Congress Street feel with the Columbus to help balance out the yeast and fruitiness of the Galaxy. Hoping for a fruity, dank...
  3. ca_baracus

    Head/Lacing on second pour

    I just kegged a batch of beer for the second time and I’m noticing that if I’m pouring 2 beers, the first pour has great head and lacing. The second pour has very little head and no lacing. Is this normal? Should I be waiting before pouring the second glass?
  4. ca_baracus

    Draft Tower Shank Hole Expansion

    Hey all, I bought a used Danby kegerator off of Craiglist a while back, and it was pretty nasty. I ordered a new faucet and shank assembly, and I found that the shank diameter is too big for the current hole in the draft tower. The pic is of the nut that goes on the backside of the shank. Has...
  5. ca_baracus

    Yet Another NEIPA Recipe Critique

    I'm sure everyone is sick of these threads, but I just upgraded to being able to keg my homebrew, so I'm excited to give an NEIPA a shot. Any thoughts or suggestions would be awesome: 7 lbs 8.00 oz Brewers Malt 2-Row 2 lbs 10.00 oz Oats, Flaked 2 lbs 10.00 oz Carafoam 0.50 oz Columbus...
  6. ca_baracus

    Bottling Timing

    Thought this post may get a little more traction here: OK, brew day went well except for some transfer issues from mash tun to kettle while collected the second runnings (air bubble in the tubing?), so we ended up pouring some of the wort out of the side of the cooler through 2 strainers into...
  7. ca_baracus

    American Amber Ale Help

    I basically threw this recipe together after looking at other amber recipes online and am looking for critiques! Batch Size: 5.50 gal Boil Size: 7.76 gal Color: 13.2 SRM Bitterness: 32.5 IBUs Est OG: 1.053 (13.1° P) Est FG: 1.011 SG (2.9° P) ABV: 5.5% 6 lbs 8.75 oz Pale Malt...
  8. ca_baracus

    Thanksgiving Recipe

    Hey all, My wife and I are hosting a Friendsgiving in early Nov. and I want to brew a beer for it. Any style/recipe recommendations for a good match? I'm thinking the food offerings will be pretty standard (turkey w/gravy, stuffing, potatoes, etc.). Thanks!
  9. ca_baracus

    Passivating Brew Kettle

    Hey everyone, I just got my brand spanking new 10gal SS Brewtech kettle in the mail yesterday, and while reading the instructions that came with it, there's a section for passivation. I know this topic has been talked about here before, but all of the posts are older. I wanted to hear from...
  10. ca_baracus

    2.5gal Batches

    After reading this thread ( I want to try a 2.5 gal BIAB batch due to limited funds for new equipment. My questions are: 1. Do you just half a 5gal recipe? 2. Is a whole vial of yeast too much? 3. Any headspace issues with fermenting in a...
  11. ca_baracus

    Dirty Siphon/Bottling Tube

    Hey all, I just bottled my first batch of all grain and while I was underway with the process, I noticed that the siphon/bottling tubing had some residue or a stain of some sort. I had already opened up my fermenter when I noticed this so I didn't think I had time to try to address it properly...