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    Anyone else coming to life?

    Weird year indeed, i pruned bull shoots till the middle of June before i had to let them grow. Everything is irregular, some plants are 20 ft some are 12 ft with poke assing side arms forming
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    Basic hops growing advice needed. NE Alabama

    Im from Kentucky and my hops grow alright. Like someone mentioned, bugs and disease are a bitch. You defiantly got to get a trellis up asap preferably 12-18 ft. If your gonna sell them, find your market and hope they will buy them whole cone. Fehr brothers out of NY is a good place to order...
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    Is it time to cut back bull shoots?

    I killed several crowns over trimming my second year. I talked to a sales rep and learned that hop crowns only have so many growth buds per year, x amount of bull shoots and y amount of bines. Apparently i cut everything back the first three sprouting. I literally didnt leave anything left...
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    Hop analysis

    Who has suggestions on where to get lab analysis on several varieties of hops?
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    Hops in a Hay Bale in Texas

    Rhizomes tend to rot easily during wet spring season. I lost many due to this when i first started growing hops. I did finally get a mt hood to take. After 10 yrs the crown run every where. When i cut rhizomes i usually lose a large percentage. Buy a started plant from Great Lakes Hops...
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    Controlling Weeds

    Drive rows
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    Controlling Weeds

    Herbicides are poison. Mulches work great, however have issues as well. One year, i used straw, not a weed but mice moved in and devoured crowns and bines. I been using black woven plastic mulch, but i have noticed burrow holes so i have to combat those guys. I also heard plastic mulches...
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    Southern hops growers - heat tolerant hop varieties?

    Here in Kentucky im having good luck, everything i planted has lived, mt hood, Chinook, northern brewer, comet, southern cross, nugget, and cascade. I didnt lose my neo 1 but it got off on a bad foot.
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    Books on Hops / Hop Growing

    Hop Production, it is a complete guide, ive been told, for $75 i think it would be.
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    Pellet mill inquiry

    I am looking into pellet mill options. I am only processing an acre so i dont need a huge machine. I am wondering about outsourcing the job or buying a small cheap machine. I can only imagine the problems that could occur with a small cheap machine so i am curious to know if there are any...
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    New hop varieties

    I have noticed several of those old world/heirloom varieties GLH offered are not listed on their onliner catalog this year. I may have over looked them, but i didnt see them. I am also wandering about the copyrighted and trade marked plants for commercial production. Why grow a plant that...
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    any Hallertau hops rhizomes for sale ?

    I love my mount hood, i have a mother plant over 10 year old here in Kentucky.
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    Hop Dry picture tutorial

    Where did you score the ss screen? I am setting my oast up for commercial scale and want food grade materials. What kind of mesh/holes per sq inch or whatever they go by did you go with and do you like it?
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    Anybody harvesting hops yet?

    So far i harvested 15 lb cascade, 2 lb chinook, around 7lb of nugget and a few ounces of northern brewer as well as comet
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    Need maple syrup wine recipe

    I need a maple syrup wine recipe, a very simple basic recipe.
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    Winemaking beginner; kits? Dried vs. canned elderberries.

    I like foraging for my own
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    Hop equipment sources?

    Does anyone know of anywhere to purchase used hop harvesting and pelletizing equipment for small scale farms?
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    Look at my hops

    Just a few plants i would pick them every 3-5 days, only harvesting the papery ones
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    Hello everybody

    I would have thought they would have got at least 6-8ft tall, even letting them run wild the first year, cascade is typically more bushy but vigorous nonetheless.
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    Anybody harvesting hops yet?

    I harvested 6.75lbs (wet) of Chinook today. And will have 30-50 lb of cascade ready soon.