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    Barley crusher fix!

    I've had a barley crusher for 4 years and it started having problems all the sudden, it would crush for a second them stop and the only way I could get it to crush again was to bump the free spinning roller with a screwdriver, but then it would stop again. I also found that when I tried to spin...
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    So I built my control panel, what do I do next?

    I just finished wiring up my control panel and now I'm wondering what I should do next to get this thing running. It's a simple 120v rims system that controls a pump and element with an Auber pid and rtd probe. Do I need to calibrate it or set anything up with the pid before trying to fire up...
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    Adding burbon and oak technique

    I'm about to brew an imperial porter that I intend on adding burbon and oak to, I have my burbon, and I have my medium american oak chips. Of all the reading I've done it sounds like people generally add the oak to the burbon for a while, then add either all of the burbon and oak, or just the...
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    Wyeast 3711 question

    I'm brewing a Saison with 3711 and I'm on day 6 of primary, I had it at 65* for 3 days and then let it free rise to 77* after that. Today I looked at it and the krausen had completely disappeared all the sudden but it's still bubbling furiously, is this a normal thing with this yeast? Any other...
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    Are those spider mites?

    I found these all over my hop dryer the day after putting my hops in to dry. Are they spider mites, or what are they?
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    Did I let my cascade go to long?

    I just picked my cascade, some of the hops went entirely brown and I trashed them, here's a picture of the ones I harvested, did I let them go to long or will they be good? When torn apart all the lupilin it's still there.
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    Root rot, what to do next?

    I've posted about this plant a couple times and still couldn't figure out what happened to it, so I dug it up today and it has root rot. I cut all the infected parts off the roots and replanted them, here are the pictures. Does anyone think these Rhizomes will send up shoots or die? It just...
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    Too late to dig up a crown?

    I posted a while ago about one of my cascades not growing when the one 3 feet from it is going crazy, since then there hasn't been any growth, there was 2 shoots that grew a couple inches and then stopped, I'm suspecting some sort of root rot, because I had the same symptoms on a different plant...
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    Harbor freight drill motorized grain mill

    I put another piece of plywood under the mill since the drill sits higher and shimmed the drill with some fender washers to make up the height difference. There's a slight wobble but I'm sure it'll be stabilized once I build and attach the frame to the bottom, if not it'll easily be reshimmed...
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    Water chemistry app

    Is there an app for calculating water chemistry which works like the popular spreadsheets? I use Beersmith and it only calculates water adjustments for a particular water profile, and the spreadsheets are annoying to me. If not, is there a reason these spreadsheets can't be converted to an app?
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    Why would one plant grow faster than another of the same variety?

    I have 6 different hop varieties, 2 plants of each, and this one cascade is taking off like crazy, but the other cascade just 3 feet away from it doesn't have any shoots bigger than 1 inch, I've even cut this one plant back once already. What would make this one grow so much more vigorously...
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    What's the deal with bull bines?

    I have 6 different varieties of hops in their 2nd year and I'm not sure how to identify the bull bines to cut back. Here are some pics of my first shoots, first one is cascade, second one is centennial. Are any of them bull bines? or should I just let all growth go for a month or so and cut it...
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    How powerful is too powerful when building stir plate?

    I way over engineered the stir plate that I just built, at its lowest setting with 4000ml in a 5000 flask I get a vortex that goes half way to the stir bar, I can only imagine how crazy it would be with only 2000ml or less. So can a starter be stirred too much? I know that you only need a...
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    Do magnets interfere with fan operation?

    I'm building a stir plate and I've heard that the magnets can interfere with the proper operation of the computer fan motor, but it seems like the majority of stir plates on here have them glued directly to the fan hub. Can anyone elaborate on this?
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    wlp 001 instantly flocculated

    I just pitched my yeast starter of 001 into my wort and it instantly flocculated, some are floating on top, and some is suspended, but it's all clumped together. I'm used to seeing it disperse, not clump together. The only difference in this batch is that I pitched it while the wort was about...
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    Plastic type for mash tun

    I was looking at the beverage coolers at home depot the other day and noticed that the type of plastic in their coolers seemed to be another than the one I currently use. I have the 10 gallon igloo cooler which has sort of a matte finish to the plastic, and the ones at HD seem to have a glossy...
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    Need help figuring out my water.

    Here is a copy/paste from EZ water calculator. Starting Water (ppm): Ca: 12 Mg: 3 Na: 5 Cl: 3 SO4: 4 HCO3: 31 Mash / Sparge Vol (gal): 5 / 5 RO or distilled %: 0% / 0% Total Grain (lb): 15.0 Adjustments (grams) Mash / Boil...
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    Drying hops question

    I'm drying my hops right now and they've only been dying for a day, I swept under the racks right now and all this lupilin was on the garage floor, is it expected to lose a little spring drying? Or are they so dry that it's falling off? I weighed them earlier and they are 40% of their original...
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    What do you think about my system?

    I batch sparge and I finally got a pump, I want to continue to batch sparge because I get great efficiency already, but I want to use my pump to recirculate for wort clarity, and to cut back on lifting heavy containers of hot liquid. I guess it would be considered a recirculating batch sparge...
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    Wyeast german ale 1007

    I'm fermenting a wheat beer with wyeast 1007, The beginning of the fermentation was in upper part of the range at 65 degrees, I've since raised it slowly to 68 to help it clean up. It was a very vigorous fermentation, I lost about a pint out of my blow off tube. From everything I've read about...