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    Kegged root beer lines.

    Ok quick question. I have made a root beer and kegged it. I hooked up my pour lines and it blasts out so bad that it's just not good. I tried to research what size lines to use because of the higher co2 presence over beer and what I had came up with was about 20' of 1/4" I.D. And that is what I...
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    Water profile

    Ok here is the question. I am making a Belgian style beer and wanting to use a Belgian water profile. I am going to use distilled water then add what I need to get the desired water. Now this is AG so do I add the salts and stuff to the mash tun on top of the grains, do I stir it. Would...
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    Better bottle vs glass carboy

    I Have always used glass carboys and have never had any issue with breakage or anything. I have recently been seeing a lot of better bottle mention. I've done some research and they seem to be worth a shot. I've used plastic in the past and have had issues with flavors leaching from one beer to...
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    Use beer smith for my recipes. I am about to start a cream ale. When it calculated the ibu it said it would be 54. I need this to be under 25. What can I adjust to make this happen. Thanks.
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    Brew kettle

    I am starting AG instead of extract and was wondering. Does my brew pot have to be stainless or can it be aluminum. For a 15 g. There is a big price difference between the two. I use a 5 g stainless now but need a bigger one going to AG. All answers and ideas welcome. Thanks.
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    Kegging psi

    New to the forum but have been brewing for some years now and just now starting to keg. So my question is basically when serving do I keep co2 hooked up. My setup is. Right now keg is in fridge at 40 and co2 at 10 psi. It's been on for two days. Now 10 psi is to much pressure to serve at. So do...