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    Why not just start with all grain?

    IMHO, good beer can be had with all grain and with extracts. One downside of all grain is that it introduces more variables and chances for error, not to mention another hour or two for the mash step. On the other hand it provides for more creativity and personal satisfaction that 'you did it...
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    Bushing or grommet for kegerator gas line

    Thanks for the replies.
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    Bushing or grommet for kegerator gas line

    I'm doing a kegerator conversion and would like to put in a couple of gas lines for an external tank with a double regulator. (That would allow me to have two different pressures for initial carbonating and serving.) The gas lines are 9/16 OD. I'm leery of just pushing them through a 9/16 hole...
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    Avery type labels for beer bottles

    I generally print my labels on paper with a color laser printer then glue on with standard 'lipstick' glue. (I've tried milk, but that's not very reliable). This is fine if I know the beer will be refrigerator chilled. However, I need something more substantial for beer that may be chilled in...
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    NoVa: Kegerator

    Interested in buying a 2-3 tap kegerator in the Northern Virginia area.
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    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    Still trying to learn how to use my brewpi. One thing I note is that the power plugs being controlled by the unit are connected to the 'normally on' connectors of the relay switch. Both relays are engaged, which means, the plugs would not be getting power if the unit was connected to power...
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    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    WARNING: Python geek speak! This is for people building the html user's manual for BrewPi from the github repository. I solved one problem, but I seem to have run into another. Compiling the manual to html requires running a python tool (sphinx) against the repository files. I had one...
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    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    I understand that wbarber69 was kidding. Still the basic info I'm trying to find is some type of user's manual for the brewpi. I think I have it up and running, but need to run some tests (that would engage the power to the chiller and warmer) before using actual power. Then the basic usage...
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    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    I found the docs on github. I downloaded and installed python, pip, and sphinx. I set the path and SPHINXBUILD environment variables. However, whenever I try to compile the documentation into html, I keep getting an error message that the SPHINXBUILD variable needs to be set. Any idea what...
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    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    My BrewPi now seems to be working. Where can I find information on using it, like a user's manual or thorough on-line demo? The site seems to have been taken down.
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    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    I purchased the Raspberry Pi 3, the Arduino UNO R3 ATmega328P and the rest of the parts and built by control box. I was able to install the OS on the microSD and am able to see the brewpi page in my laptop browser. However, the main page has the message "Could not receive version from the...
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    Annoying gushers

    I sometimes find the same thing with my dark beers. While infection can certainly be one factor, I'm also wondering if slow fermentation may be a factor. Perhaps keeping the beer in the primary longer (or racking to a secondary for a couple of weeks). Of course, racking to the secondary can...
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    Chilling wort without wort chiller.

    I use a wort chiller and tap water. As you all know, initially, the chiller cools the boiled wort rapidly, but as the temperature approaches that of the tap water, cooling slows down considerably. My boil pot is to big to immerse in ice water, so I was considering an alternative. Fill some...
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    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    I've collected all the basic parts, installed the brewpi software and ensured that the wifi could reach my router from my basement brew cave. The next step is to find a box to put it in. I can find sealed plastic enclosures, but I'm concerned about heat buildup. I can find vented metal...
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    New Brewer. Question on when I can bottle.

    wrt to your reading of 1.012, as long as that's been the stable reading for a couple of times, you'll be fine.
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    New Brewer. Question on when I can bottle.

    As a general rule, darker beers can benefit from more aging. Although there's no reason that aging couldn't happen in the bottle. While those external signs (krausen fall-off, lack of air-lock activity) may indicate that fermentation is falling off, there still might be a fair amount of...
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    Simplifying Your Bottling Day

    Thanks for a thorough article. I have a few comments. First, I have spigots on both my fermenter and bottling bucket. Thus, I can leave most of the trub behind in the fermenter and most of the remaining in the bottling bucket. Still, some sediment is unavoidable as bottle conditions itself...
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    Fermentation Chiller Systems and Findings

    Great article! Thanks for the all the work in researching and gathering the data. One question I have about the BrewJacket immersion rod. How does it work with an air lock or an overflow tube?
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    Reasons to go all grain vs extract??

    My personal take on this is that it doesn't really matter. Yes, extract sometimes makes the beer a bit darker, but if one is already getting good results from extract, then there should be no compelling reason to change. I know some very good brewers that only use extracts (or mostly anyway)...
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    DIY Fermentation Chamber

    Do you ever have condensation problems? I would think that any persistent condensation might cause rot or mold especially in the wood framing. If this is a problem, some marine paint and caulking might be a solution.