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    Hop analysis

    Who has suggestions on where to get lab analysis on several varieties of hops?
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    Pellet mill inquiry

    I am looking into pellet mill options. I am only processing an acre so i dont need a huge machine. I am wondering about outsourcing the job or buying a small cheap machine. I can only imagine the problems that could occur with a small cheap machine so i am curious to know if there are any...
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    Need maple syrup wine recipe

    I need a maple syrup wine recipe, a very simple basic recipe.
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    Hop equipment sources?

    Does anyone know of anywhere to purchase used hop harvesting and pelletizing equipment for small scale farms?
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    Harvester plans?

    Does anyone know of a economical way to build a small scale hop picker, or the cheapest model available for a few acre yard? And i was also wandering how dry (what %) do people dry their cones to.
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    2018 market?

    Has anyone seen anything on the market for 2018?
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    Premature cones, any advice?

    My cascades are anywhere from 12-20 with some long side arms and some short. However they have gone into flowering stage. I think they may be ripe by July. I think i will pick them by hand in he field and see if they flush again. Anyone have any input or have this happening to them? I will...
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    Cable suggestions

    I have read several recommendations for cable size formulas. They estimate x amount of weight per hill multiplied by number of hills. Some formulas factor in the wind's effect on plant weight. Can anyone shed some light on this topic.
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    I am looking for noble german hop plants for sale. I cant find much of a selection online. A good german herirtloom would be nice, a tettenger perhaps.
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    What is everyone's opinion on disease control. I have grown a mt hood for 7 plus years no problem. I cloned it 100 times for a commercial yard and am now experiencing mildews. I used copper last year, and sprayed with neem ealier this week. I got ridomil gold on hand but want to stay...
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    Trellising and harvesting 1st year

    I was wandering how extensive to get with first year hop rhizomes? So far some vines are 3 plus feet long. My ideas include T post, 56" tobacco sticks with a cross grid or simply up then down. Or should i cut some 12 ft elm bean poles. Then if i was to have a small crop would i be better...