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    Keezer Dead?

    Wow. What a bummer. My keezer is not cooling any more and is kind of wirring, but not a normal freezer doing good cooling things kind of noise. Is this the dying sounds of a keezer giving up, or is there hope for fixing? Anyone know the proper place to look to diagnose a freezer, or what the...
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    Your Keg Washing System? Looking for ideas.

    Looking for ideas for a DIY corney keg washing/sanitizing system. I have been thinking through my options, using what I have available. Plenty of copper tubing and fittings, buckets, hoses, couple of different pumps, etc., but no really fine ideas yet on how to put it all together. If you...
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    More Keezer Help

    I am having trouble with a small Keezer I am using. It is a small Kenmore 5cf freezer with an eight inch tall collar with 2” foam insulation. I have it set up to hold four corny kegs and a basket. The keezer keeps very good temp with the compressor hardly running at all. The temp near the...
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    Temp Control from old Refrig

    I had a couple of older refrigs that needed to be recycled, so I have pulled out the temp control units, and am planning on using them for a chest freezer kegerator and a fermentation chiller fan control. Both have temp control knobs, but only one looks like it has a sensitivity adjustment...
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    DIY Burner

    I had rather good luck last week, using a weed burner and a pile of fireplace bricks. Honest. My turkey fryer burner was not up to the task for my old three gallon boils in a six gal pot, much less for the eight gal boil of my first all-grain. I couldn't afford real burners right now, but had...