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  1. Crafty_Brewer

    Can you recommend me an English yeast?

    So my wy1318 that I had harvested from an overbuilt starter died. My bad for not using it since April. My backup yeast I pitched into a best bitter yesterday was Lallemand London ESB. Never used it before, but it is chewing through the wort like mad. Now I am out of English yeast save for a pack...
  2. Crafty_Brewer

    Hops have shipped

    Hello Everyone, Great Lakes Hops sent me an email informing me that my Field Grade Cascade and Willamette plants have shipped. I am in North-Central Michigan, growing zone 5a. Our last frost date is usually late May to early June. Do I need to keep them inside until after the last frost, or...
  3. Crafty_Brewer

    Winter Brew Day

    Yesterday was an outdoor winter brew day for me. Mostly sunny, 21F, slightly breezy. The temperature didn’t pose any issues. I lost 4F over an hour mashing in the igloo cooler; I did stir and check temp every 15 minutes, I may just keep the lid on in the future, but I was curious what the...
  4. Crafty_Brewer

    Mash Tun build and brew day

    Today the boss and I built my first mash tun and are brewing an English Brown Ale. Two beers each and we have the mash tun built and are finalizing the recipe. Here's some pics: will post more later today.... :mug:
  5. Crafty_Brewer

    My first all grain brew

    I made my first batch of beer today. I was going for an ESB, but I think I ended up with an English Barleywine. I had my spreadsheet for an ESB worked out, but left it on my desk at work (doh!). I do however own a copy of "How to Brew". It has a simple formula in it.... 1 lb of grain per 1.5...