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    Kegging guide for double regulator

    Hi there Does anyone have a good link to a guide on how to set up kegs with a double regulator. I have no idea what i am doing.
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    Strange sweet caramel flavour

    Just wondering if a strange sweet caramel flavour could possibly be oxidation. Most of my beers are around 1012 to 1016 gravity and it seems to now be a common flavour in my lighter beers. The beer tastes fine at bottling but come to drinking it a couple of weeks later and the taste us there...
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    Higher preboil gravity

    For my brewing I do a single drain from my mash tun. I also have a small kettle and as a consequence my preboil gravity reading is often the same as my finished gravity. To maintain the same gravity i need to top up the kettle with water from time to time to maintain the starting volume. Is this...
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    Mai 3500 Watt induction Cooker New Zealand

    Does anyone have any advice on how to wire one of these induction cookers for New Zealand. I am assuming it could be rewired with a 15AMP plug?