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  1. MicheleE63

    Bottle bomb

    I have about 25 batches brewed so far, about half are bottled and half kegged, so I'm still fairly new to brewing. Maybe one of the experts on the forum can give me some answers. I went on vacation and returned to my first bottle bomb. I store my bottles in my basement on shelving in a cool...
  2. MicheleE63

    Whiskey Barrel Stout

    I'm brewing a Whiskey Barrel Stout recipe (kit) from BB today. It came with a very small bag of whiskey barrel oak chips. (2.5 oz) I'll rack to secondary and add in about 5 days. I'm wondering if this is enough to add a real noticeable flavor. I was thinking of soaking them in whiskey until I...
  3. MicheleE63

    Natural carbing question

    I have a 5 tap keezer and its full. My next brew is kegged (La Petite Orange Belgian Dubbel) and since my taps are full, I decided to try natural carbing it. I kegged it with the recommended amount of sugar and it's been sitting at room temp since 12/23. (About 68*) So, Saturday I'm having my...
  4. MicheleE63

    Keezer build

    Okay, I'm ready to give up bottling and build a keezer. I've researched it to death and just need to get started. I bought a Kenmore 8.8 in black. I'm pretty handy for a girl but electrical is not my thing. I took the screws off the hinges and started to remove the lid when I realized the cord...
  5. MicheleE63

    Boil times

    Okay, I'm a noob and have made 4 brews now. So far, no problems other than an unexpected but funny blow off mess, and my first beer was a red ale and turned out great. The others are in various stages of fermenting and/ or conditioning so I haven't tried them cold but early testing indicates...
  6. MicheleE63

    New PET 6 gallon carboy

    Need some answers from the pros: I'm a newbie and only on my 2nd batch. I bought a 6 gallon PET carboy to use as my primary fermentation container instead of the pail that came with my kit because I wanted to be able to see the brew during fermentation. So I brewed the White House Honey Ale last...