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    Effects of Low Temps.

    Well I went out into the cold garage today and took a sample of my cider. It is very clear and there is no airlock action. Doing a taste test it tastes a little harsh with a strong alcohol taste. I'm thinking it just needs to mellow in the jug for a little longer we'll see :-)
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    What are you drinking now?

    I'm Drinking some 4 loko Grape. Tastes like Grape coolade with one helluva Alcoholic kick (12%). I wish this stuff would have been around in my college days :drunk:
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    Effects of Low Temps.

    ok thanks guys. I will wait and let u know how it turns out... :-)
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    Effects of Low Temps.

    Well I have been making my second batch of Apfelwine and I have it stored out in the Garage. I started this back in late October when the temps in the Garage were 60-70 degrees. For the last couple of weeks the temps have gone down to around 50 and I notice that my cider is now completely clear...
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    Pennsylvania 3 cases of Dogfishhead 750 mL bottles $20 each

    did u sell these yet???
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    Pennsylvania Fermentors, Better Bottle, Speidel, and Glass

    Damn I wanted one of those speidels too im in Pittsburgh
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    Miller 64 LMFAO!

    Lol probly goes something like this... 1) Dip wheat in boiling water for 15 seconds 2) Take one bag frozen corn and submerge in tank for 1 min for coloring...
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    Shooting 1000 Yards!

    nice shooting!!!
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    You didn't think I'd do it, didja.

    Seriously dead chicken in a beer recipe??? Gross!!! Call your garlic beer Van Helsing Special...
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    What Am I doing wrong?

    Well I unfortunately didn't have access to a hydrometer when I mixed the apfelwein and homemade wine. Now I do never the less it shouldn't just drop like a stone into the tube for every liquid I drop it into...
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    What Am I doing wrong?

    Well the 1st hydrometer I was using was a really old one from the 1970's when my Father was experimenting with homebrewing and the other one was just bought from a local homebrew shop. Its a fermtech.
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    What Am I doing wrong?

    I have been trying to use a hydrometer. I have used 2 separate hydrometers. I have looked on u tube and here for guidance on how to use the thing. Here's my problem. EVERYTHING comes out at 5% Home made wine 5% Apfelwine 5% Cheap Malt liquor Swill 5% 100 proof vodka yep u guessed it...
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    A bunch of Damn bills :mad:
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    RIP James Gandolfini

    Yep I was really bummed when I heard about him dying. I was hoping for a Sopranos comeback. From what I heard he was a class act. RIP James...
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    can I save my too sweet cider

    do you have another gallon jug? if so siphon 1/2 into one and top them off with plain apple juice. that's what I did when I added too much sugar in. Or if your thirsty now mix with club soda. BTW: That stuff you were cooking up back in the day sounds pretty good
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    Homebrew limit

    Well I don't see it as being too enforceable for someone brewing 5 or 10 gallons at a time, but if the neighbors call the law because you have a still like Popcorn Sutton's sitting in your garage then you might have a few things to explain. ...:)
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    Apfelwein question

    Well in the Apfelwein directions it says to leave the juice sit in the carboy for at least 4 weeks. Not that I'm an expert or anything, but this is different from beer which from I've read usually finishes out in 2-3 weeks.
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    Has Anyone tried using Sugar Cubes to Prime ?

    Thanks for the info Progmac. I'll try it out on a 1L pop bottle and let you know what happens. :mug:
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    Has Anyone tried using Sugar Cubes to Prime ?

    Might try this too... what's the ratio to add? Sorry guys I'm really new at this...
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    Has Anyone tried using Sugar Cubes to Prime ?

    Well I am going to be using either 16oz or 1 liter bottles so 1 cube would be good for a 16oz or 2 for the 1liter. I'm assuming you were talking about standard 12 oz. bottles...