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    Wittekerke Rose

    Anyone heard of this? My SWMBO tried this and loved it. It's pretty sweet stuff. Reminds me of Castiel Red(sp?) mixed with Woodchuck pear cider. They used to mix this up at the local bar for the girls. If so, is it possible to replicate this with extracts?
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    Lawnmower Ale

    Just received my Lawnmower Ale kit from AHB. It has this pack which looks like DME, but it says "Beer Kit Add Pack". It is 24.5oz and contains corn sugar, malto dextrin and yeast hulls. If I were to make this again, I guess I would have to order it because there is no way to tell what...
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    Airlock / Belgian Wit

    This is like my 10th brew. After 36hrs, there still are no bubbles coming from the airlock. I looked with a flashlight and there is about 1.5in of krausen. When I press on the lid I do get a bubble and then my airlock will rise back up, but it will not bubble on its own. If I can move the...
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    What kind of keg to I have?

    I currently have 3 kegs. 2 of them are definitley cornys. I know because it says it on them and the gas in needs the 12pt socket. On my bastard keg that I just picked up really doesn't say anything to tell me what kind it is. Both the gas in and bev out are the same size 7/8...
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    Filtering and Conditioning Time

    Is is true that if you run your beer through a filtering system like the one on morebeer that it will speed up conditioning? The description says that it will accelerate conditioning to just a few days.
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    Nottingham Fermentation Temp

    I've read that Nottingham can range from 57 degF to somewhere in the 70's. When I brewed my last batch, the temp of the room was 68-69 and when it was actively fermenting the temp of the ferm went up to almost 75 which I thought is just a little too high. The beer tasted fine though. I moved...
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    Kegging Q

    I'm pretty new to kegging and have a question about aging. I currently have 2 corny's in my fridge now along with my CO2 tank. I have been carbing at 30psi for 2days in the fridge and then backing down to serving pressure and let it age. Now if I add another keg and want to keg age outside of...
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    Hops Question

    I accidentially purchased the wrong pile of hops that were sitting on the counter and didn't notice until I got home. I thought I was going to have 2oz of Saaz and 1oz Mt. Hood. Instead I have 1 oz Fuggles, 1oz Cent, and 1oz Cascade. I'm brewing today and will be using the following. 6lbs...
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    Balancing with cobra taps

    I have 3/16th ID serving line that is currently only 5ft and I can only serve at 5psi with no foam. So...would I need 12ft of line if I want to serve at 12psi? I just want to set my regulator and leave it at 12 for carbing and serving so I am trying to accomodate by changing the line length...
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    regulator died

    During my new years party, the screw on my regulator decided to not want to move anymore. I tried to force it...even with a pair of vice grips, but it would not budge, so now my kegs are just sitting there with whatever pressure was on them in the first place. Hopefully they will...
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    I'm on my second keg now. This batch had nottingham yeast in it. My siphon sucked in some of the yeast that was still floating around when i transfered to the keg and when I did my first shot about 10 of them into my glass. It seems that both of my batches that used nottingham had...
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    Low Serving Pressure

    Just wondering why my instructions for my keg system say to carb at 30 for 48hrs, then set to 5 for serving pressure.... most of you guys use 10-12 with the set it and forget it method. My beer is carbed now and i couldn't get it to pour a good glass unless i set it to 5 psi. 10-12 was...
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    Late extract addition

    I just brewed a the below recipe: 4lbs Light DME 1lb Rice Syrup Solids 1.25oz Willamette 60min 0.5oz Willamette 10min 2.5gal boil volume My question is that I used BeerSmith to formulate this and I'm not sure if my IBU's are going to be accurate due to the fact that my first hop...
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    A little too bitter

    So far I have made BB American Light, BB Weisenbier, and a Blond Ale Kit from my LHBS. The american light had a slight bit of bitterness and was pretty good, the weiserbier was too bitter for me even though it had the same IBU's as the American Light and the blonde is still in the primary right...
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    Too early for secondary?

    This is my second brew, but it is the first one that I used a secondary. There was alot of activity in the first 3 days, but it totally stopped. There was absolutley no activity in my airlock, so I transferred everything to my secondary. Was it too early to do this? My reading was...
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    Done Fermenting?

    This is my first brew (BB American Light) so i have been watching it carefully. There has been no activity in the airlock for 2 days now and I took a hydrometer reading yesterday and today and they were the same 1.011. Should I let it sit longer because the paper with the kit says it should...