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    Burping question.

    Does anybody burp their bottles during second fermentation? I am so obsessed with getting a lot of fizz, but sometimes I leave it too long and it gets too fizzy. I worry that burping will set me back a few days with regard to getting to the carbonation I like. Can anyone shed any light on...
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    Varying carbonation - by juice type?

    It seems like with every batch, I get differing amounts of carbonation. For instance, when I make watermelon, it gets very carbonated and very fast. But when I make mango, it doesn't get very cabonated in the same amount of time. I guess I've just assumed that all my recipes would carbonate...
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    Scoby growing and growing!

    Over time, my Scoby is growing and growing. Seems like with every batch, another new layer forms on top. Would you recommend peeling the new layers off and discarding? Peel off the old layers? Any advice? It's getting quite bit and unwieldy! Thank you.
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    Carbonation Problems - HELP!

    Hi, I've had a great experience brewing kombucha -- right now, I have two 2-gallon containers with excellent SCOBYs working hard! But a few weeks ago, I decided to clean my containers and clean my SCOBYs. I washed the SCOBYs under water and kind of cleaned some of the bits off the sides of...