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    California 15G Jacketed Brewers Hardware Conical

    Selling my Brewers Hardware Conical. I am in the Placerville CA, and unfortunately have no time to ship this thing. Would have to be local. Here is a link to the craigslist ad. Asking $1100.
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    how to reduce Hefe flavor in Saison?

    Looking for others experience or success in limiting the Hefeweizen like esters in a Saison. Have brewed two back to back batches of Saison that while both very nice and style appropriate, they had too much of the bubblegum profile for my personal taste. The brew was: 12 gallon Batch 68%...
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    New conical/pot metal on AC condenser

    received my new glycol jacketed conical from Brewers Hardware this week. Now I need to fab up a glycol chiller. I recently dismantled and old AC unit, but I am concerned about the metal brackets around the coils. I am concerned about them rusting and sending that mess into the stainless jacket...
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    Eisen Session Rye Pale ale

    Oops. Was making a Heretic Gramarye clone in my older heated/cooled Morebeer conical. Thought I would take advantage of the cold snap we have had here in norcal, and I would cold crash the beer in the conical. Took my abv from 4.1 to 4.6. Dont think Ill do that again.
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    Recommendations for external glycol pump?

    Beautiful family just ordered me a brewershardware glycol jacketed 15 gallon fermenter:rockin: Now I am in the process of collection parts for an A/C DIY glycol chiller build. However, I am having a hard time sourcing an inexpensive pump for moving the glycol through the fermenter. I have...
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    Recommendations for external glycol pump?

    Sorry, Duplicate.
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    single point level switch I have a couple surplus float valves that I have had for years which are very similar to the link above. I want to hook it up to control my march pump which pulls out of a grant. I havent a clue how to do...
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    Fly sparge, having to dilute in kettle

    Just out of curiosity, what effect do you guys feel there may be by having to add roughly 40% of my total pre-boil volume as a direct addition of water to my kettle? I run at 1.25qt/lb and tend to get first wort gravities of about 1.085. I am shooting for 53 litres at kettle full, but...
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    Coastal Science Labs result

    Mods, feel free to move this, wasnt sure where to post it. Just received my first IBU sample back from these guys. I brewed my second batch of Jamils Northern English brown. Tinseth had it calculated at 24.7 and Rager at 30.3 (recipe calls for 26 I think as calc'd by Rager). Sample came...
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    Quick soft water pH question

    Hope my tone is not abrupt, squeezing this in on my last minutes of lunch break but, Here is my water report: But what is confusing to me is that all of my beers from porters to northern browns to milds to pales, all seem to fall...
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    O2 rates and lack of character?

    I am struggling lately with a lack of character in my beers. I am starting to think that it is either a pitch issue or a O2 issue. My last beer was a Northern Brown ale based on the Brewing Classic Styles recipe. It started at 1.050 and finished at 1.014. Fermented with wlp007 after a 155...
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    Multiple generation yeast with Fermcap?

    I have scoured the internet and this forum and cant find a good answer to whether or not using Fermcap in the boil, and then carryover to the fermenter, is an issue when harvesting multiple generations. I remember a bit of talk about it in one of my university lectures 10 years ago, but thats...
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    Just sharing my beer engine

    While living in Scotland for a few years back in the early 2000's, I picked up this referb'ed Angram engine. Just brought it out of storage. Cant wait to put my next mild on it. Going tomorrow to pick up some Bev-seal ultra to try and put together a permanent cooler/cabinet to set this up...
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    Silicone tubing for beer engine?

    I know the downsides of using silicone in a pressurized draft system, but I am in the process of building a permanent chiller box for my cask beer and am looking for a beverage line that will not taint the beer when sitting. On my draft system I need to draw out the first couple ounces after a...
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    Leave out Special B or not

    Planned on making a mickey moused ESB this week. I was at the brewshop and went to get some special roast, and accidentally filled my bag with 5# of Special B. What do you guys think of this? Wanted a deeper malt character. I have never used special B and dont want an out of balance malt...
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    Heated Conical causing off-flavour?

    I am have been trying to track down the cause of off-flavours in the last 4 batches I have brewed. Every batch has tasted very good until day 7-8. At that point it picks up this organic acid sour/harshness, and loses its character. In addition 3 of those 4 times sulfur has showed up at day...
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    Only one who hates Biscuit Malt?

    Am I the only one who hates biscuit malt? I brewed an 11.5 gallon batch of Pale Ale with 1.75lbs of biscuit (8.2% of grist), and that is all I could taste. Then I brewed a West Coast Amber with a ton of dry hops and only 1 lb biscuit (4.1% of grist), and again it is the dominant, lingering...
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    O2 setup help

    I have tried searching, and I know there are threads already out there. I have always used the disposable O2 tanks for Home Depot, but I am only getting 2-4 10gal batches out of them. this seems to mostly be due to the bottles leaking out over time. I hit a 10gal batch with 2min of O2 at a...
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    Valve seat for original B3 conical

    Anyone have any idea what brand of 1.5 inch butterfly valves were used on the original morebeer conicals? I routinely disassemble my valve for cleaning and dont want to run into a situation where I damage it and have no replacement. I have wanted to order a new seat from
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    Thermal grease needed?

    Bought a T/C thermowell from to use with my morebeer heated cooled conical. The fit of the probe is a little sloppy compared to what I had been using prior. Do you guys/gals think that I will need a thermal grease to get a good read on the Ranco dual controller? Anything...