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    What type of haze is this and how to clear

    I had nearly the same issue a few years back. What I found was that I was not getting “cold break” when chilling after my brew. I don’t like using agents to clear up my beer. Search google on cold breaking, chill your wort faster and you will find they clear up much more quickly. I generally go...
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    What's worse; open solder connection or silicone?

    My sparge arm, as well as manifold for my mashton, all copper, all lead free silver solder. No off flavors, colors, odors, or extremities growing abnormally.
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    Men who sit to pee

    By far the best thread I have read in a while. Me I'm a stander. If I have to drop a stink pickle, I sit. Other than that it's all stand for me. I'm wondering of you guys that sit, I bet most of you have disagree with attached pic...
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    Coffee with Mash..

    I do starters with my dry yeast all the time, nearly every batch.
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    Can I brew in this pail?

    If you don't have room for airlock, use a blow off tube system I stead. As for that bucket, yes I'd ferment in it and not lose a wink of sleep over it either.
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    Keezer running almost 24/7 and compressor very hot

    Don't sweat it, everything happens for a reason.
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    In a rough spot due to my bad timing. Should I keg or let sit!?

    Let it ride. With the alchohol being produced, spoilage from the fruit shouldn't be a problem. If you feel that you must halt fermentation, then give this a read by EC Kraus. I Use potassium storbate a lot. Even when it's done fermenting and I'm ready to bottle, I drop some in a week before...
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    Cascade leaves looking unhealthy

    Not sure if it would be the same, but my tomatoe plants did nearly the same exact thing as your latter pics. The fertilizer, mixed with my compost had the nitrogen levels too high. Gal at plant nursery said they were burning because of the nitro. Her recommendation was to remove them from the...
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    Best way to clean scorched wort

    Vinegar is bad ass, since it is a mild acid I would not use it on aluminum but it's completely safe for stainless and glass.
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    Starting a Homebrew Shop

    Throw a couple dollars on it without seeing any type of business plan? You might wanna try a go fund me account. Many small business have been launched that way. Best of luck to you!
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    Help! Repeated failed brews

    Dont boil your hoses, I have read somewhere that this does cause the plastics to start cracking and/or leeching chemicals because the high temperatures start breaking down a few of the chemicals or something to that extent.
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    Help! Repeated failed brews

    I too would say it sounds like it may be something in your bottling process. Here are a few what I consider popular potential problem areas: 1) What are you washing your bottles with? 2) What are you using as a sanitizer? 3) What kind of buckets are you using and are you cleaning or have...
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    How to calculate gravity contribution of steeping grains?

    My understanding is that the amount of sugars you get from steeping is little to none at best. A 10-15 minute steep on 1 pound of grain @ 150 F` is not enough time to extract any sugars. Your OG/FG would primarily be controlled by your extract. The steeping grains are just for color and...
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    Most sanitary way to test beer

    I have spigots on all my buckets. Just drain enough out for sample and bam Bobs your uncle. It does suck a little star san in through the air lock, but better than having to open the bucket.
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    ? Yeast starter going nuts... question.

    Just ride it out. I have found that when using smack packs, I only need a little less than half the DME that I would normally use.
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    How much Cara Pils/Foam?

    2-5% works for me. Depends on recipes. For wheat, I use about 10%
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    Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel

    Ive been using aluminum for years, no problems. Cleans right up with soap and hot water. If its really nasty i'll break out the scotch brite pads. I would love to go stainless, but would rather spend the money on other little tricks in my brewery. Another plus to aluminum is better heat...
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    HELP! Must use chocolate in brew for competition

    A chocolate strawberry centennial blonde. Find any good strawberry centennial blonde ale recipe, toss in the chocolate during secondary ferment. Pull sample daily until desired level of chocolate taste is reached. It will darken the beer some, but I think using it in boil would make it even...
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    Weldless brew-stand help.

    There is also 80/20 t slot extruded aluminum. A little pricey, but it's like an erector set for grown ups
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    Beersmith batch sparge water WAY off

    I too have found that part of beersmith a little buggy as well. I just do a little manual math. I find my efficiency level seemed best at 1.3 qt/lb so I just take weight of grain x 1.3 = strike water amount. Then I drain MT, look at how much wort I have and batch sparge the remaining amount...