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    Small Beer Bottles

    Does anyone know where I can find amber beer bottles about 7-8oz? Crown cap or swing top work, but crown slightly preferred.
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    Retail Rastal Wine Glasses USA

    I've become a fan of Rastal from their Teku glass, from which I drink all my home-brewed beers. I was hoping to get my hands on some of their wine glasses (which I understand are also commonly used as beer glasses--the Harmony series (Harmony 53 Stem glasses 51.2cl - RASTAL GmbH & Co. KG). But...
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    Partial Boil Kettle Sour

    I have a wort in my kettle currently souring. When it’s reached desired pH, the plan is to bring it to a boil, add more DME, cool, and top off with water. I’ve been able to find online calculators to determine what the pH of a solution is after diluting with water. But because I’ll also be...
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    Bottling Beer on Nitro

    I routinely bottle traditionally (CO2) carbonated beers off of my keg. Can a counter pressure bottle filler be used to bottle nitro beer? I’m guessing not (or why would Guinness have gone through the pain of inventing their widget?), but wanted to see if anyone had any insights.
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    Fully Stainless Stout Faucet

    As the title suggests, I’m looking for a stout faucet made entirely of stainless steel, but have only been able to find ones with plastic or chrome components. Does such a thing exist? If not, any recommendations on the best stout faucet?
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    Bottling from keg and flat beer

    I recently bottled my first batch of beer from a keg using this and this. I thought I did everything right--the beer was fully carbonated before bottling, I made sure the bottles were cold, I only got a little bit of foam when filling, I filled as high up as possible, and I capped each bottle...
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    Did my pump ruin my beer?

    Just transferred a hazy IPA to the keg. I usually use an autosiphon, but decided to try my luck at a pump so I could transfer the beer into the keg while it was already in the keezer. The way I did it was to hook the auto-siphon to the in side of the pump, pump the siphon a few times to prime...
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    Can't Solve Beer Foam Issue

    I'm new to kegging and am having a foaming issue. Here's the details: I have two 5-gallon kegs and one 1.75-gallon keg. The two 5-gallon kegs are hooked up to about 6 feet of 3/16" ID AccuFlex BevSeal line, and give me no problems at all. The 1.75 gallon keg was originally hooked up to a line...
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    Amateur Keezer Build--Learn from My Experience

    I've posted on here a couple times asking for advice on a keezer build that my girlfriend and I were working on. We've now completed the build (pictured below), and are very happy with what we've accomplished. That said, we are both complete amateurs to any kind of home-improvement (or generally...
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    Stainless Steel Check Valved Ball Lock Disconnect

    I’m planning out my keg system and in reading around I’ve become very worried about backflow into the gas line. I’d like to have stainless steel disconnects, and for the gas disconnect to be check valved, but I’ve only been able to find disconnects that are either steel or check valved, but not...
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    Wood selection for keezer build

    The gf and I are planning out our keezer project. We’ve purchased and are waiting to receive our freezer (8.8 cu ft Frigidaire) and kegs, and are now starting to think about what wood to use for the collar. I know this is an issue that’s been addressed in various other threads, but it’d be...
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    Finding a Chest Freezer

    My gf has very kindly offered to cover the cost of building a keezer as a birthday present! Very exciting and a great late-quarantine activity. As we started looking into chest freezers, though, we had a really tough time finding any that were actually in stock. We’re looking for a black freezer...