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    Is bottling bucket necessary?

    I completely understand. Really tho, crafting a great tasting brew only takes a little time and a little love. It isn't worth cutting corners. For me, I am mindful the trub is full of proteins, fats, hops and other yeast metabolites, dead yeast, spent hops, etc. I don't know if I would add...
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    Is bottling bucket necessary?

    Mark, I'm the cheapest bastard you'll ever meet. A bottling bucket, spigot, and bottling wand was best $30 I ever spent. Search this thread ( about cutting a 2"-3" piece of tubing to connect your...
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    Questions about "after washing" yeast... HELP!

    Hi All, I searched and followed directions to wash/rewash yeast in my trub (thanks to those posters - the instructs were simple to follow!). However, I didn't see anything discussing how much of the yeast to pitch in the next batch of brew... So after bottling my hefe today, I saved the...
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    At what point did you brew the same beer twice?

    Actually, I have the opposite issue. My first all grain was Wayne's Blue Moon Clone. Man...ALL of my family & friends rave about this - and I have another batch in the fermenter ready to bottle on Wednesday. My second all grain was my attempt at an Erdinger Weissbier clone. I'm drinking up...
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    Faster Carb in bottle?

    The thing is, you want your beer to "age" in the bottle so all the grain flavors, yeast, and hops come together - like aged steaks. Rule of thumb is, the longer it sits (WEEKS), the better it tastes. Carbonation occurs long before the flavors are married together. DY
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    how to use and store yeast vial

    Yes - put it in the fridge. Yeast metabolism slows down dramatically in the cold - so the yeast won't die on ya. Take the vial out of the 'fridge several hours before you plan on pitching it to your wort. Good luck! DY
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    Okay to use old dirty bottles if cleaned?

    They'll be fine. In the future, use oxyclean free or go to Dollar Store and for $1 they have an oxyclean free clone called LA Awesome Oxygen which works just as well. After a 15'-30' soak in the sink with hot water, all that nasties will come right out of the bottle. Works great for removing...
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    Online supplies

    All the prices are very competitive online (grains differ somewhat). And variety differs a bit from online company to online company. You'll likely find online prices are the same at your LHBS if item is in stock. So I agree with the other poster: it's really going to come to your geographic...
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    first all grain!

    Congrats, Rycov - and once you have a drink of your all-grain, there ain't no goin' back to extract of any sort. There's just a crispness to the beer that I can't describe but when you first taste it, you'll know exactly what I mean. Good luck! DY
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    Airlock stopped

    Biochemically speaking, you introduced yeast into the wort which has malt sugar and dissolved O2. The yeast are hungry - and they initially gobble up all that O2 and malt sugar like gluttenous pigs. They excrete CO2 and H2O (aerobic fermentation; which is why your airlock was going bonkers...
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    first all grain!

    My second brew ever was all-grain - I did Wayne's Blue Moon Clone. Piece of cake. And instead of a mash tun, I bought a large fine nylon mesh wine bag from my LHBS. For all my all-grain brewing: 1. Heat the kettle & 3.25 gals of water to 172 deg F. 2. Fit the nylon bag around the kettle...
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    Why not use a lid while boiling your brew?

    Here's why: all the hops you added to your the wort will initially break down in your wort (that's good), but then will be soon carried up by water vapor to form a ring near the top of your kettle and on the bottom of your lid. The end result: the hops will not be in your wort (that's bad!).
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    Bottle Storage

    I bought it at Sam's or Costco a few years back. It wasn't that expensive (less than $100 as I recall). It's stainless, 4' wide, holds 6 crates of beer/beer bottles on the shelf and on top sits my 2 bottling buckets (stacked on each other), a fermenting bucket, a glass carboy, my Agata bench...
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    Beer Historians - anyone know of "Vienna Brown Ale"

    Reading thru some OLD books from the early 19th century, Vienna had "nut brown maids" who served "nut brown ale". And like these very ancient ale recipes, ingredients used were what was locally grown. DY
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    Stove vs Propane Burner

    Do what works best and is most convenient for YOU. DY
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    Bottle Storage

    Go to Walmart. In their stationary/school section, they have black, stackable, rectangle-shaped milk crates marketed to hold file folders/magazines/books for $5 (both Walmarts in my area put them on the top shelf). They may appear thin, but they'll pack 29 12 oz beer bottles perfectly. I...
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    Quick question...

    I have a quick question...but to preface: I had to transfer a 2 day old primary fermented green beer from my 6.5 gallon bucket into my 5 gallon glass carboy. Not thinking, I poured the beer from the fermentation bucket into the carboy. It aerated ALOT. LOTS of oxygen bubbles. It was foam...
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    Reusing bottles - How many times?

    You're partially correct. Let's remember we're talking about ovens temps here (only up to 500 degF)...not bunsen burners and kilns. I've spent years in a chemistry lab - you don't have to worry about thermal issues with beer bottles at 250 or 300 deg F from an oven unless your taking a 300...
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    Erdinger Hefeweizen clone...

    Thank you! This is my 3rd brew ever and I tried to assemble the recipe from various sources (with the help of RSR). The initial fizz and grapefruity-ness resembles Erdinger...we have to wait and see after it conditions as to what adjustments I need to make. Adding the 1 tsp of lager yeast...
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    Ok to leave beer in primed bottling bucket for a few days?

    If you set it up the Revvy way and place wit up your bottling wand onto your bottling bucket spigot with a short piece of tubing, it'll only take you 15-20 minutes to bottle up your brew...