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    2.5 Gallon Batches - Is it worth making a starter?

    I like this idea honestly. I will probably just make a 2L starter and harvest 300-350 billion cells and use it for two batches. Pour 1L in, sanitize the top, cover in sanitized aluminum, set it in the fridge for the next weeks batch.
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    2.5 Gallon Batches - Is it worth making a starter?

    What would be the consequence of over-pitching by 5-10 percent?
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    2.5 Gallon Batches - Is it worth making a starter?

    I really only use liquid yeast which is about 90-95 billion cells per vial by the time I'm pitching. Some of my recipes have calculated 110-120 billion cells. Is it worth making a starter for that much of a gain? Will I experience anything besides slightly slower fermentation by...
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    Anyone have Pin Lock 3 Gallon Kegs? Need help making a decision

    I just recently re-geared for 2.5 gallon batches. I found these Anyone with pin lock experience : Do these kegs look like replacement parts would be easy to locate or am I buying into something...
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    Best Kettle For Price for 2.5 gallon BIAB

    Title says it all, going to be doing oven-assisted mashing, just need something that will get me full volume mashing and boils for 2.5 gallon batches. Probaby 4 gallon liquid plus the grain. The price difference for 5 gallon and 7.5 gallon pots is crazy (for tri-clad heavy duty stuff). I'd...
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    11 month old yeast

    I did the same, 11 months exactly, stored in an airtight container in the fridge, it was washed, was infection free. Used it on a ten gallon saison, the yeast ruined the beer, tasted awful. Yes it was the yeast, I know because I set aside 2 gallons of the wort for something else and it ended...
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    Power up my grain mill.

    My $20 corded drill turns mine just fine. Motor is probably overkill unless you're doing some seriously large batches, often.
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    Negatives of BIAB?

    For mash temp issues, I use the sleeping bag method. But I mash about 4L short of my volume and I have an electric kettle that will boil a liter of water in just a few minutes, so I make a few boiling water additions and my grain stays at 153 just fine. On warmer days I don't even have to add...
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    Two Ruined Batches! I need your help.

    How clear is the wort? I brewed this same recipe, the first hydro sample was chalky/grainy/****ty from all of the hop materal and yeast etc. Two days later after intense cold crashing and gelatin the beer was crystal clear and tasted incredible.
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    Best Thermometer for Brewing Day?

    I have a cheap Polder probe thermometer from Amazon, a Thermapen, and a Thermopop (same company) All read exactly the same temperature during the mash and strike, makes me feel silly for dropping the $$$ on the thermapen.
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    How long do you dry hop?

    24-48 hours
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    Oxidizing while siphoning

    Buy an autosiphon, buy an autosiphon clamp, use a higher drop. This will cost you about $19 but it will be valuable forever.
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    BIAB Day : New Grain Mill and Wort Clarity

    Just a blonde ale. Nothing too crazy. Need some good warm weather drinking beers.
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    BIAB Day : New Grain Mill and Wort Clarity

    I'm so used to the LHBS crush that I didn't know what properly crushed grain looked like. Wow! .038, ran it through twice. My efficiency went from about 65% to 84%, nothing special, mashing at 153-154 for one hour, putting my bag in a bucket with a bunch of holes drilled in the bottom...
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    Judging the beer that wasn't there.

    Contests are actually just a bunch of guys that don't want to pay for beer and they typed out some generic responses to certain styles etc.
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    Temporary storage in snap containers

    I have some of these : I put sanitizer in it for about 30 minutes, shook it around a few times, dumped it, and put 250mL of yeast...
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    Urgent help needed

    you're fine. You should have the yeast at room temp for a while before pitching anyways.
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    Any help with new Kegerator?

    Go ahead and put new lines in. Get 10' lines with ball or pin lock fittings. Learn how to disconnect and connect them from the taps, take apart the entire thing and become very comfortable with it. You will most likely have to put some more insulation in the keg tower, it will also be a good...
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    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    I make the dough with bread flour, about 10% whole wheat flour, and beer. 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tbsp olive oil, a bit of garlic/oregano powders. Cheese is home made mozz, sauce is made from canned paste, pureed tomatoes and fired-red peppers, whole garlic, other various herbs. Beer...