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    Should I brew with this water?

    it's not the pH of the water that matters, it's the pH of the mash. Your water report doesn't give any indication of hardness as alkalinity, so it's difficult to tell the buffering capacity of your water. Unless you can get that info from the water company, you are going to have to get some pH...
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    My all grain memoirs

    Great read. As always, you make the complex seem simple.
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    Decoction vs. Infusion Mash with Wheat Beers

    I really like the flavor that a decoction mash gives to my beers. I just don't think it is worth the extra time. I do highly recommend that you try it at least once. Just make sure you have plenty of time.
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    Cascade Hops

    I was talking to my parents neighbor this weekend. We originally brewed together 10 years ago before I moved to Florida. We got to talking about brewing again as I am moving back to the neighborhood and I mentioned the hops shortage. He said "I still have those hops growing in my backyard"...
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    Help!! Thermometer just broke in my Wort!

    The same damn thing happened to me on my last brew day. I also strained the wort coming out of the keggle.
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    Beer in Seattle

    I am headed to Seattle next week for work. Anyone have any suggestions for brewery tours or brewpubs? thanks!
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    2nd New Jersey all grain seminar in the works

    I am also looking forward to sneaking a peak at Bobby's brewing equipment. I am interested in building a chest freezer kegerator and a CFC.
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    How to step up a starter?

    10 gallons of a Scottish Wee Heavy. 1.080 OG.
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    False Bottom diameter

    What size false bottom do you have in your Rubbermaid and/or Igloo Coolers?
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    cleaning corny keg lines

    What's the best way to clean the liquid lines? Right now I have the beer out line connected to a simple picnic tap.
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    How to step up a starter?

    How do you guys step up your starters? According to the pitching rate calculator at Mr Malty, my batch requires a 4 quart starter, or 8 quarts if I do a double batch. I don't have a container big enough to handle that size. Do I decant the spent wort off and add fresh wort for each step and...
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    2nd New Jersey all grain seminar in the works

    Is 4/6 definitely the day? What time are things getting started? I'm moving so I can't take a share but would love to come down to contribute and meet some local brewers.
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    Home Depot/Igloo Drink Cooler Closeout

    I was able to pick 2 up today at the HD in Hempstead, Long Island. They had 3 or 4 left for those of you who can make the trip.
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    Man Did I Get Jacked....

    Paid $34 USD today for hydrostatic testing and a refill on my 5# from fire equipment place.
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    Hops order

    Well, I got my hops order today. This was the replacement order sent by Freshops. That's the good news. The bad news is I am not particularly happy with the quality of the Sterling I ordered. The other varities look ok. I guess it is a result of the shortage. Oh well, it is definitely...
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    Hops order

    Thanks for the support. My own personal loss aside, it kills me to see the USPS lose what precious hops we have left. Now that is something worthy of a Congressional hearing.
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    Hops order

    For those of you keeping score at home, Friday came and still no hops.
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    Brewing Etiquette

    it usually works out that I brew 50/50 solo and with another brewer, usually Scottd13. I have known him for a long time so it isn't a problem. We split our 10 gallons batches for ingredients and use whatever equipment is needed. His SWMBO makes some killer desserts so no complaints from me!
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    My first competition...

    congrats man!