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  1. J

    Dry hopping a pilsner

    I've had good results dry hopping lagers with your latter option "lager for a few weeks and then raise to 60F+ again and dry hop".
  2. J

    Heady Topper Results From Ward Labs

    Another question on an older post - water adjustments in "For Example" were only to the mash water. do most people making NEIPA's adjust both mash and sparge water? I have been.
  3. J

    Headed to Denver

    Argonaut is on Colfax, the border of Cap Hill. Great selection for most of the beers you list plus Odd13 (awesome) and others.
  4. J

    Need some help with an oaked saison

    I think your plan for soaking them in white wine is excellent, we have a local brewery that makes a saison and an oaked version of the saison. They generally use used white wine barrels though occasionally whiskey barrels. I would not be afraid of using the entire once of chips though I would...
  5. J

    Wild Yeast From Boogers

    Who wouldn't want to read this post!
  6. J

    Consistently leaking keg setup... out of ideas.

    Have you checked that you have the washer between your regulator and CO2 tank? They often stick to the regulator when you disconnect the old tank. Then fall off when you set/drop the regulator down.
  7. J

    Lager - Temperatures for Barrel Aging?

    I would leave it at d-rest temp (68) for the couple of weeks you plan to have it in the barrel. FWIW - Not a porter but... we have a brewery here in Denver called Bull & Bush and I just had their barrel aged pils called "Woody Pils" and it is awesome! They use barrels that previously held...
  8. J

    Need feedback on my Saison recipe

    It looks good overall though I would cut out the crystal. Maybe replace that with another pound of rye, if you like rye beers. If the crystal is for color then you could change the Munich to Dark Munich (aka Munich II) but not CaraMunich anything. You really want a dryer beer with a saison and...
  9. J

    Bulk aging & clearing a sour

    You are fine without adding additional heat as long as you are storing this inside. About the cloudiness, this is a wheat beer with fruit added so it's going to be hazy for a couple of months. It will settle out on its own and clear without any additional clearing aids. you will be letting it...
  10. J

    MD/DC Breweries?

    Right Proper in DC - Brookland area - Metro Denizens in SilverSpring/ Tacoma Park just down from College Park Dogfish Head in Gaithersburg - Metro or MARC train plus an Uber (Growlers in G'burg Metro plus Uber or MARC directly) Have fun!
  11. J

    Cherrywood Smoked Brown

    I think you'll taste the cherry smoked malt even at 1 lb. given that you said you ordered the malt I don't think I would worry about trying to find more. Try it and if you get the level of smoke that you like, great; if not, then up the percentage next time. FYI - Your percentages only add up...
  12. J

    Subtle, Malty Pale Ale Advice

    It sounds like a great plan. I would possibly sub Munich II (not CaraMunich) for the Carahell and C40. I believe it will be delicious either way though!
  13. J

    How many gallons of Cider in 2016

    8 gal - 5 spiced; 3 tart apples 507 + 8 = 515
  14. J

    Wet hops in a keg

    How did you like it?
  15. J

    Steam blue crabs over boil kettle

    Please do it! I so want to try this beer and I really wish I had some Maryland blue crabs to pick this afternoon. Please keep us posted.
  16. J

    Champagne SuperGose -- 21 Days G2G

    Great name! Am I really the first to say that? Looks like a solid recipe and procedure, maybe a little less on the sour and salt side for me but that's the beauty of brewing.
  17. J

    Wet hops in a keg

    Yep, I left it in the keg until kicked. The flavor was grassy or green as in something you would be happy eating and not the day old grass clippings or swampy vegetal flavors or other unpleasant flavors. I dry hop in the keg for all of my APA and IPA's as well. I'm looking forward to hearing...
  18. J

    Wet hops in a keg

    I've done this, added fresh/wet Cascade hops, to a keg along with a small amount of other dry hops. I thought it was nice, there was a definite more green flavor to it though. But, that's what I enjoyed about it. My beer also had some of the wet hops added at flameout.