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    Belgian Ale burning taste

    Hi there. I normally stick to recipes but decided to venture out and make my own Belgian Specialty...Belgian IPA with Noble hops is the idea. I use the Brewing Classic Styles book alot as reference and patterned the mash temp and fermentation process after the Belgian Golden Strong in the book...
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    Stuck Yeast! Help with Scottish beer...

    Hey guys - brewed a scottish 80 shilling last friday (jan 9). Recipe below but the OG was 1.053 (right on the money). Checked the gravity yesterday after 7 days and its 1.030. Crap! Needs to finish 1.016 or less. Tasted good and surprisingly, it wasn't overly sweet. Regardless I have a...
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    Nottingham in ESB

    Guys, brewed an ESB last Friday. Used Nottingham that I pitched it on Saturday. Fermentation started vigorously on Sunday. Came home Monday and it was going wild and I smelled a banana/sourish/yeasty smell. The thermometer sticky on the carboy read 70. I had the wine cooler set at 64. I...
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    Feedback on BIAB process

    Just started BIAB and have done four batches. So far I love it. Best of all worlds! But always want to tweak and improve as long as it stays simple. I have a 10 gallon kettle and did a robust porter that called for 15.5 pounds of grain. That amount of grain only allowed me about 7.5...
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    Smack pack yeast!

    Hey guys, Brewed a Cali common and had wyeast 2112 to pitch. Smacked it and after I aerated the wort and opened it, I see the activation pack didn't open when I smacked it. It was making yeasty sounds so that was surprising. Anyway, I pitched the yeast, then see that it hadn't opened. So I...
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    First time BIAB problem!!

    Hey guys, I did my first BIAB last night. Irish Red ale with an OG of 1.054. I started with 7 gallons. The bag must have retained alot of water because by the time I boiled and transferred to carboy, it looks like there's about 4 gallons. I just took the gravity and it's 1.076!!!!! Yee Haw...
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    seeking stronger flavor

    I'm an extract brewer who brews really good beer IMHO. Especially hoppy beer. But when it comes to malt complexity, I feel I lack bold flavor. Especially in a side by side comp to a clone. I've always read that distilled water works best for extract brew. But does that include steeping...
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    Please critique my Citra IPA

    Hey guys, I'd love feedback on my Citra IPA recipe. I tried to incorporate all the wisdom from this site from the last year of research. Any feedback? Thanks! OG 1.065 FG 1.015 IBU 57.7 SRM 8.5 Ingredients Amt Name Type # %/IBU 8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L (20.0 SRM) 8.0...
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    First Witbier

    Hi guys, Brewed my first witbier yesterday. With 5 minutes left I dumped in bitter orange peel, coriander and some chamomile. I wasn't sure whether to leave it in the fermenter or not. I ended up pouring it through my funnel and strainer. What's the common practice out there? Leave that stuff...
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    Help! No fermentation after 9 days!!

    Hi there. I brewed an extract amber ale on Memorial Day. My usual process is to pitch yeast the next morning because its challenging to get cool temps fast in Florida even with a wort chiller. So the next morning I aerated and pitched wyeast 1968. I had smacked it the night before but didn't...
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    Trippel cross my fingers on vacation

    So I'm leaving the country for a week tomorrow morning. I have a trippel in the better bottle. It will be 9 days tomorrow. Almost zero airlock activity and SG is 1.020. What says everyone on leaving this in my rope bucket with some frozen water bottles for this week. Any chance I get off favors...
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    Flavors seem light - bump up steeping grains??

    Some of my beers don't seem to be as strongly flavorful as they should be. Especially when doing a side by side tasting when I clone. I'm going to brew a couple clones soon (Full Sail Amber and Dragonmead Final Absolution) and want to get it right. I am all extract brewer right now. The...
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    Way low final gravity...what's up?

    I brewed an amber ale on 4/7. OG was 1.060. Estimated FG (Beersmith) was 1.013. I hit 1.008 after 12 days! It has remained at 1.008 since. I aerated the heck out of the wort and pitched re hydrated dry yeast. Is this ending gravity a good thing?? Other than jacking the ABV from 6.1 to...
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    bottling from keg question...bubbles ok??

    Just bottled from the keg for the first time. Used a bottle filler attached to a picnic tap at low pressure. After capping I notice that the beer in all bottles is bubbling like its in a glass. Up to the surface. Is this normal or am I in trouble??? Thanks for any feedback!
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    help! dry hop pellets in keg. did I ruin a lot of beer?!

    So my kegged german pils was lacking in aroma. I researched optios and decided to get a 1 gal paint strainer bag at home depot and put 1 oz of hop pellets in the keg. This was last night. Last night and this morning the pours have a ton of hop particles in the beer. Will this clear out or am I...
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    IIPA critique?

    Looking to brew this IIPA based on the "Brewing Classic Styles" book - I changed around some of the hops based on my current inventory. Any thoughts? Type: Extract Date: 4/21/2013 Batch Size (fermenter): 5.00 gal Boil Size: 6.00 gal Boil Time: 90 min End of Boil Volume 5.25 gal...
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    Hit FG number but still bubbling???

    Hi. I brewed a two hearted clone on 3/10 so it's about day 11 of fermentation. Did the first gravity check today and I hit the 1.012 that Beersmith has as the FG. However, the airlock still has bubbling. Not much mind you. Just a bubble every 30 seconds or so. I'm going to do gravity...
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    Extract Beersmith question

    Hi! Got Beersmith recently and love it but am having a hard time matching numbers when I put in recipes from a book or magazine. I think it may have to do with the settings on the different types of extract. Are their any advanced Beersmith users who have figured this out? Thanks
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    Would love feed back on my new process

    Hi all - Been working on deconstructing the extract brewing process to fit it in my busy life (demanding job and 4 kids under 4 years old). It makes me tired just typing that... Anyway, I can still fit a brew day in about every 3 weeks on a Sunday. Here's what I'm doing to fit it in...
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    First lager

    Hey guys. Have my first lager fermenting now. A German pils. I know I need to do the diactyl rest at the end of primary fermentation. It's been in the primary for 12 days at 46-50 F. Bubbles have slowed way down but still has krausen on top. My question is 1) should I bother taking gravity...