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    Channeling when dumping yeast

    How difficult is it to prevent channeling of beer through the yeast bed when dumping yeast on a stainless steel conical (10-15 gal)? I'd like to cold crash and then dump nearly all the yeast and lose nearly no beer. Is this a struggle?
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    Cold crashing a stainless conical

    For a homebrew-sized stainless steel conical, is there a big difference in the cold crash speed between an internal chilling coil vs. putting the whole conical in a fridge?
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    Keg and Fermenter cleaning

    How long should hot PBW be sprayed and recirculated through a keg or FV before it is considered clean? Is there a rule of thumb for how many kegs or fermenters can be cleaned per gallon of PBW solution? Is this dependent on the amount of organic material that needs to be removed?
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    Bucket heater in wort?

    A bucket heater like this (Electric Bucket Heating Element - 1000 Watt Heat Stick | MoreBeer) makes sense for preheating mash water in many different types of vessels but how well would it work in contact with wort? For example, it might be nice to speed up time to boil by dropping the electric...
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    Diagnosing a possible infection

    I'm having a hard time telling whether I have an infection or it's all in my head. I kegged a batch of NEIPA on Thursday while I was brewing my next batch (also NEIPA). I put the grains from this second batch on the compost pile but by Saturday they were smelling foul and I spent some time...