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    Indiana 20 gallon Blichmann, quick disconnects, growler filler

    20 gallon Blichmann kettle built to Kal’s Electric brewery specifications with a hop stopper and 5500 watt element with 6+ foot plug. $475 8 male quick disconnects and 8 hose female quick disconnects-$100 random SS pieces-$20 perlick growler filler-$10
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    cinnamon and vanilla beans in a stout

    What have you all used in amounts for cinnamon and for vanilla beans for those flavors to really stand out in a stout. 5 gallon batch.
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    3 gallon Kegs, or more 5 gallon kegs.

    im going to be brewing a bunch of beers for a competition come July. Since I want to enter some things I don’t normally brew or drink, I’ve decided to do all contest beers in 3 gallon batches, to save money and to not has as much beer sitting around. But I need more kegs, do I buy a 4 pack of 3...
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    How big is too big?

    Hey guys, so I’m finally making the step to temperature control. Decided for the time being, due to limited space and Brewing at the fiancés parents house I going to use a mini fridge with a chamber built off the front of it. I built a brew table this winter for use with an 3 vessel setup which...
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    Fermentation Chamber Idea, Good or Bad?

    So Ive been home brewing for about 2 years now, and I think it is past time that I get some kind of chamber built. I currently use a buddies chamber and keg at his house and bring it home but that's only when we split a 12 gallon batch. My current personal setup is basement floor in the dark...
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    20 gallon blichmann false bottom

    I'm looking for the false bottom for the 20 gallon blichmann. Not looking to pay retail so if you have one you are trying to get rid of, let's strike a deal.
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    Indiana 10 Gallon Cooler

    This was used as a mash tun, but has since been used as a HLT. It does have a threaded hole near the top for a recirculation port. Still has the Ball valve on the front. $30 Dollars Plus Shipping These coolers sell for 90 on HomeBrew websites
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    Indiana Spring Cleaning

    So I'm a little late getting around to cleaning up my brew space. After changing my brewing style, I've decided to sale a few things that I haven't used in this last year. I'm willing to ship everything on buyers expense except the glass fermentors due to breaking chance. Mash tun with...
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    Help! Compare these two control panels

    What's the difference or perks between the control Panel being sold on Kal's electric brewery site, and this one!
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    Ss brewtech conical

    So I've decided I want to take the leap to a stainless steel conical from SS. I'm still debating on going between 7 and 14 gallon. But my question is, which way is better, putting it in a fridge for temp control or to buy all the stuff to do temp control without a fridge/feeezer? What all do you...
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    SS brewtech conicals

    So guys I'm looking to buy a new shiny toy and need some advice or questions answered. I currently brew 5 gallon finished batches and hoping to go to full ten gallon batches once my Kal Clone build is compete ( which will be a couple years). Should I buy the 14 gallon now, or get the 7 gallon...
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    Indiana Speidel plastic fermenter 30l Got this a while back and just hAvent used it enough for the space it takes up in my brewing area. Used it twice, cleaned it up nice and stored away. $30 buyer pays shipping I can post photos later on in the...
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    Indiana 22oz Beer Bottles

    I have 6, 12 count boxes of 22oz bottles that I'm looking to sell. 8 bucks a box. They retail at 13-14
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    Indiana False Bottom

    So I've decided to go from cooler mash tun, to kettle mash tun so I'm selling my false bottom out of my ten gallon cooler. $40 bucks, buyer pays shipping
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    Mash tun issues

    Hey guys, so I bought a ten gallon igloo mash tun from a guy on here, and I'm currently piecing together a kal clone (very slowly) but I currently have a HLT, MashTun(both 10 gallon igloo coolers), and a 20 gallon blichmann boil kettle. A pump and a cfc. So tonight I hooked up the pump to the...
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    Indiana Camlock Disconnects

    Hey guys, after buying a few pieces of equipment on this site, I have some Camlock connections that I can't use in my setup and would like to sell to buy what I need. -2 Cam C Hose ends- Retail at $6 -4 Cam A Quick Disconnects- Retail at $5 -2 Cam F Quick Disconnects-Retail at $6 They...
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    NorthMoon Finally Goes All-Grain

    So fellow brewers, after a year and a half of brewing, I finally took the leap to all grain. I was just sick of spending double the cost on recipes due to having to use extract. I decided once I made the move, I would start building a Kal clone but ran into a problem of not having 240V ran to...
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    BeerSmith, BeerTools, Or Something Else?

    Hey guys, Looking to buy a brewing software to create and maintain recipes. I have used Beersmit's trial version and I enjoyed it so far.But I want to know what others think before I 20+ dollars on one of these. Give me some feedback for which way to go please.
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    WTB: Pump, CounterFlow Chiller, Hell Fire Burner

    Hey guys, I am looking for these items, the pump and the chiller I am not looking for any specific one at the moment so I will listen to all offers on those. Looking for the hell fire with hopefully the leg extensions but not a must. Thank You PM me if you have any of these as I will get it...
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    Single Element 240v Panel

    Hey guys, So it looks like I am going to be buying a 20gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker kettle that was built to represent Kal's Electric Brewery setup. I'm slowly moving to a full electric setup but I'm not going to have the money to push on all at once, plus SWMBO would not go for that just yet. I...