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    [Keggle] How to remove left over wort/trub in center after whirlpool?

    For those of you that have a converted keg as a BK and whirlpool and have a side pick up tube, how do you remove the wort/trub that is left behind in the center? I really don't want to have to lift this thing up every time and pour out. Anyone have any engineering successes on this front? Thanks!
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    Where do you all get your fruit?

    I am with you. It should be juice...not water and sugar added. Let the fruit come out.
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    Where do you all get your fruit?

    Fantastic reply. Thank you!
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    Where do you all get your fruit?

    I have a press, and I find it difficult to find enough bulk fruit to use with it to make 3-5 gallon batches. That is a lot of fruit juice. I'd rather not add water and sugar if I don't have too to get the volume of 3-5gal. Do you all go to farmer's markets? Order online? What price points...
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    Hops stopped growing at 4-5ft

    Ste. Gen! My wife is from there! Have you ever been to any of the brew competitions at the Crown Valley Brewery and Distillery? My tips are still in good shape, and I did notice a small increment in growth yesterday. So I guess they are just getting over the large amounts of rain combined...
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    Brew Science reference books

    Ordered Principles of Brewing Science: A Study of Serious Brewing Issues and I can't wait to do some summer reading with it and the books you guys mentioned on this board.
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    Hops stopped growing at 4-5ft

    So just as the post subject says, my hops (two rhizomes) quit growing. One is at about 5 ft and the other around 4 ft. NOW, they do not get full sun all day, maybe not even half the day. But I really can't see that being the limiting factor....I mean it does get some indirect light all day...
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    Wyeast 3068 Hefe, unpleasant odor when drinking

    I have that same problem in hefe bottles using the same yeast. I believe this happened last year in the same brew. I kegged and bottled 5 gal then and now. I noticed the sulphur taste was MUCH less prevalent in the keg than the bottles, but in the bottles it seemed to disappear over time.