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    Kiwi Pilsner

    A friend of mine and I are going to be brewing a Pilsner this weekend with some kiwi. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some good specialty grains and malts to use We're going to be kind of winging it so any suggestions would be great...thanks. Also, hop ideas we want a medium to...
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    Am I Completley Screwed?!?!?

    Just finished brewing a belgian white, cooled the wort and pitched the yeast and all that jazz, as I was putting in the rubber stopper in my carboy it popped through and sunk. Can i Leave it there with no affects on flavor, fermentation, etc. or do I need to get it out. It was 150% sanitized...
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    Any Kegerator Suggestions?

    I just got a kegging system for Christmas and I love it. however I am keeping it in my basement to keep it chilled and I can't do that in the summer obviously. Just wondering if anyone on here knows what the best deal for a homebrew kegerator would be. I want it to be able to hold 2 corny kegs...
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    Cider Questions

    I have brewed a few batches of beer now and wanted to try and quick and dirty cider recipe i found on the internet, which was 5 gallons apple juice, 5 cups of sugar, (I added half tablespoon of cinnamon) and champagne yeast. It has been in the primary for nine days now and I took a second...
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    Broken Hydrometer

    So, I was going to take some Final Gravity readings on my brew over the weekend but my hydrometer dropped and broke. I called my Local Homebrew Shop, which is 45 mins. away, closes at 5 and it was about 4:45. They said if it has been 7 days for this brew Its okay to go to the secondary. It is...
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    Adjunct to my recipe

    I just purchased an american cream ale kit from the local brewshop and I thought either honey or maple syrup would be delicious with this style of beer. I was wondering if this is a good idea with this style, and if so, how much of one or the other should I put in, when does it go in during the...
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    It has been a long time

    I signed up on this site when I brewed my first batch of beer about 6 months ago. Then I hit final exams in college, had to move and started a new job. Now, I am settled and ready to take all this stuff SERIOUSLY! I brewed my second batch last night. It was an unhopped kit, unlike my first...
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    First Taste of my first Brew!

    I just tasted my first beer a few days ago (conditioned for 2 weeks) and it was DELICIOUS! not very potent. I think i will let it sit one more week to see if it gets any better. The only problem is evacuation process of the beer can be quite messy (if you catch my drift) does this mean i did...
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    Secondary, 3 Weeks in Bottles!?!?

    ALright in my last thread I was told 1 week in a primary, 2 weeks in a secondary, and 3 WEEKS IN BOTTLES? Thats when I started noticing everyone's little signature's with their posts, first off what is a secondary, I was told if i dont use one it's okay but im just curious as to what it is, and...
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    My first ever Batch of Beer, am i doing it right?

    Hi all, I just finished the first steps of brewing my first beer, i'll explain what i did step by step and i just want to make sure it sounds like im on the right track. I purchased a john bull wheat beer, beer kit and a john bull amber malt extract. I had to boil them in a gallon of water...
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    Newbie, Wondering what to do first

    Hey everyone, name's Dan and I have recently gained a large interest in brewing my own beer. I just received a used homebrew kit over the weekend from a friend's Dad. I also have the book "The new complete joy of homebrewing" and it has offered a LOT of helpful information. My question is...