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    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Smoked Mac and Cheese turned out awesome. Everyone liked. I used creamy harvarti instead of gouda: Four-Cheese Smoked Mac n’ Cheese Ingredients: 1 (16 ounce) package elbow macaroni 1/4 cup butter 1/4 cup all purpose flour...
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    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    smoked cheddar today, smoked turkey tomorrow and smoked ham the next day. My smoker is going to be pooped.
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    Hank Is Wiser in Kansas

    Just checking out this thread. I've been to Hankiswiser tons of times. Steve (Hank's son) is a friend of mine. What I like about the place is the homely feel. In addition, they serve other beers besides there own. I hate brewpubs that only serve the beer they make. I bet there Utopia...
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    Summer Beer ideas for a 72' fermentation?

    Saison wyeast 3711 likes it hot
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    Boulevard Chocolate Ale Recipe

    I wasn't a big fan but yeah, it enjoyed a cult following. I remember is wasn't very dark either. Good luck. Do you think the prices will be higher this go around?
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    Brewer's Best Rauchbier

    Just started drinking this. Its actually pretty good. Its darker than I thought it would be closer to an octoberfest style beer with a good smokiness. I'd recommend it.
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    Give my beer a cold!

    No Issues. Just don't couch right into the beer. You could always wear a mask (like the ones used when working in dusty construction areas).
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    Brew Year Resolution - 2012 Brewing Goals

    One goal: Learn and create wild Ales starting with the more fruity/tart ones.
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    What's With All the Infection Worries?

    I think the major issue is that the newbies worry about wasting the $$$'s it costs to make a batch a beer when they could have just bought some Sam Adams.
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    What's With All the Infection Worries?

    I feel ya. I've never had a major inflection and I'm not the best about sanitation. I use starsan but my fermentors are old buckets that most people would have tossed a long time ago.
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    Cranberry Ginger Ale Cyser?

    Funny, I made a Ffarg yesterday and was thinking of either adding strawberries or ginger to the primary. Sounds like it would be trying something similar to this only with less alcohol and more malt.
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    Ffarg- Apple Ale

    Just made me some. Used .75 oz of hallertau, .60 lbs of 90L, 3 lbs of light dme and 1 lb of amber dme, and 2 gallons of louisberg cider. Thinking about dry hopping some strawberries. I'll wait to see what it tastes like in a couple of weeks. Measured at approx 1.065 OG.
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    Cold crashing in a bucket

    You do risk getting scratches in your bucket from the carboy though. Make sure the outside is clean of debris.
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    Do you always have to use a blow-off tube?

    Never needed a Blow-off except on time I added strawberries in a carboy. Mostly use buckets and never had an issue.
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    Austin Homebrew This Sounds Like YOUR Accounting Mistake Not Mine!

    I think its unethical to take money if you know the company you're doing business with made an error. period. I had the same issue with my child's daycare charging less than they should have. They are a church though. The OP should ask this question: If the HBS was operating as a non-profit...
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    Brewing while sick?

    I've probably told my boss I was sick once so I could brew but never felt like brewing when I'm sick.
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    Adding a creamy finish to home brews.

    A brewer at a all lager house told me that using lager yeast with an ale style makes it creamier. Not sure if I believe it. It probably just makes it less flavorful.
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    Anyone brewing this Turkey week?

    Just made a rauchbier.
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    Brewer's Best Rauchbier

    Hey guys, I wanted to be lazy during the holidays and decided to buy an extract kit (versus all grain). So I bought the Brewer's Best Rauchbier. Anybody have any opinions on this beer? Do I need to add anything? Overall, I'm a little worried because the yeast had a date of july 2010...
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    What are you drinking now?

    Schlafy Dry Hopped APA