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  1. gwaugh

    Ohio Blichmann BeerGun

    Selling my beergun to keep funding my new system build. Only used once and simply don't need it anymore. Comes with the accessory kit. Looking to get 80$ shipped CONUS.
  2. gwaugh

    World Beer Fest

    Anyone going to the World Beer Fest at Jacobs Pavillion in Cleveland on Sat? I'm pretty excited and the wife even approved the cost of the VIP tickets.
  3. gwaugh

    Keezer build question.

    Hey everyone. I'm currently building a new keezer and have a question regarding the lid. I built a collar out of 2x8s which I attached to the hinges on the freezer. My original plan was to order a set of replacement hinges and use those to attach the original freezer lid to the collar or simply...
  4. gwaugh

    New electric build planned-questions

    I posted this over on Kal's forum as well but thought I would post here too for more input Hi everyone. I am in the planning stages of an electric build after the bitter cold Midwest winter we just had and I have a few questions. I brew 5 gallon batches. I know every comment and every...
  5. gwaugh

    Prices going up?

    I stopped after work today to pick up a couple six packs and noticed the prices have gone up a buck or two recently, not too unexpected really. What did surprise me is a few brands seem to be going up more than others. A six pack of Bells Expedition stout was priced at 17.99 which seemed a lot...
  6. gwaugh

    Water is starting to confuse/frustrate me.

    Hi all. I have been brewing for about 1 1/2 years, AG since the 10th batch or so. I had focused on fermentation temp control/sanitation at the start and was very happy with my results. When I went AG I started to get frustrated. I brew all styles and have been relatively happy with the lighter...
  7. gwaugh

    How do you drink in the sun?

    I've only been into craft beer for two or three years now and home brewing for a year and a half so most of my drinking life my light american lager drinking was in cans or bottles. My question is how does everyone drink their homebrew outside? It's finally warm here in Ohio and I would like to...
  8. gwaugh

    Question on preboil and postboil OG

    So I brewed a pale yesterday and I had something new happen with my OG. Beersmith gave me a Est preboil OG of 1.039 and I measured 1.041 with my refrac which I calibrated with distilled at the beginning of the day. I figured close enough and went on with my boil. Beersmith gave me an Est. OG of...
  9. gwaugh

    Pump question

    I'm looking into getting a pump. I think I'm going with a chugger with stainless head but I don't really understand the pros/cons of inline or center inlet. Any advice? Also I am planning on a Blichmann Top Tier soon. Does anyone know if the pump mount they sell will work with Chuggers or is it...
  10. gwaugh

    Anyone else see this.

    I came across this kickstarter and thought it was pretty interesting. I enjoy the process of brewing but it is definitely cool technology.
  11. gwaugh

    Please help identify

    I recently picked up 2 more ball lock kegs. The out posts are 7/8" but I don't know what the gas posts are. Can anyone tell me the wrench or socket style and size? Thanks.
  12. gwaugh

    kettle valve location

    Hi everyone. I'm gonna add a valve and thermometer to one of my kettles. My question is about location. How close to the bottom should they be? The valve will have a dip tube on the inside. Does the thermometer need to be certain distance from the valve?
  13. gwaugh

    Forced Transfer

    I have a porter that is done through primary and I am going to add bourbon and oak to it. I was thinking of transfering to a corny adding the bourbon and oak then purging with CO2 for secondary. I figure I can force transfer into another corney off the oak when its ready to cut down on O2...
  14. gwaugh

    fittings question

    Hi everyone. Is there anything I should be concerned with by mixing stainless and copper fittings? I tried to search for and answer but didn't see anything pop up.
  15. gwaugh

    online bottle shops

    I'm looking for any online sources for craft beers. I know not every state allows alcohol shipments but here in Ohio its OK which is great because it can be tough to find anything locally. and are two I've found so far. Any other...
  16. gwaugh

    Oak question

    Hi everyone. I have a 5 gal batch of mixed berry (mostly blackberries and blueberries) mead that I am thinking of adding some oak cubes to. It's basically the "Mambo in your Mouth" recipe from The Complete Meadmaker. My process was the no heat method and I added the fruit in secondary. I...
  17. gwaugh

    Water Filter

    Hi. I'm looking to get a water filter for brewing and would appreciate any suggestions. I have Home Depot, Lowes and Menards all close by but I would like to see what other brewers are using. Also, do the filters take a long time to process the water? I'm referring to the ones I've seen in...
  18. gwaugh


    Hi. I'm making my first batch of mead. Do I need to degass like wine? I'm doing a 3 step nutrient addition and stirring when adding, but do I need to do any degassing other than that throughout fermentation?
  19. gwaugh

    MLT Thermometer

    Hi, I'm getting ready to make the switch to all grain. I decided to go with a coleman extreme for my MLT because I happened to have one almost brand new. My question is on monitoring the mash temp. What does everyone use with a rectangle MLT? I found this...
  20. gwaugh

    Advice for keg noob

    Hey everyone, I'm getting ready to start kegging. I'm a little confused on the size of the gas line. I see some sites selling 1/4" gas line and others 5/16". I realize that its not a huge difference but does it matter? Thanks for any advice